The first day and night of regional basketball tournaments are always full of drama.

Some teams will see their seasons end while others will clinch a berth in the area tournament and still others will continue to work their way through the elimination bracket.

In Class B, Area 1, regional sites today are in Boise City, Forgan, Vici and Leedey. Starting Friday, the games will be played exclusively in Forgan and Leedey.

In Class A, Area 1, sites today include Fort Supply, Arapaho, Okeene and Cashion. Seiling and Okeene are the sites for Friday and Saturday games.

At all sites today there are 4 games, 2 elimination contests in the afternoon and 2 winners bracket games in the evening.

Here is a breakdown.

Class B at Boise City

The girls winners bracket game pits Balko against Boise City.

Balko at 7th is the highest rated team in what appears to be an incredibly balanced area (6 other teams are in the top 20).

Boise City isn't among the top 20, but the Wildcats are typically very athletic. Balko won both previous meetings by wide margins.

On the boys side Tyrone sports a 20-2 record and No. 14 ranking while Felt is 17-8 and ranked 20th.

Tyrone has beaten Felt 3 times, the last one by a solid 27-point margin.

Class B at Forgan

Again, the winners bracket games draw the most attention as Forgan and Shattuck girls play for the 5th time this year, and top-ranked Forgan's boys are looking for a 17th consecutive playoff victory.

The Forgan-Shattuck girls series has been competitive most of the time, but Shattuck has found a way to win each game - 3 times on neutral sites in tournaments and once its home floor. This will be the first time the teams have played in Forgan this year.

The matchup offers 2 of the best players in the entire area in Daniela Galindo of Shattuck and Kenzi Taylor of Forgan.

Shattuck, 20-4, is ranked 11th and Forgan, 16-8, is ranked 12th.

Forgan's boys are 23-1 this season and have gotten closer to full strength in recent weeks as Trevin Lopez and Dalton Lemieux came off the injured list.

Jake Regier leads a Bulldog team taking aim at third straight state championship.

Fort Supply is coming off a nice win over Shattuck in the district final.

Coach David Tune's club is young and athletic led by senior Kendrick Woolfolk. Several freshmen start and contribute.

Class B at Vici

Vici's girls begin their road through the elimination bracket after an upset loss to Arnett in the district finals.

The Lady Indians, 17-9 and ranked 13th, start off against Buffalo.

Arnett has moved into the rankings at No. 20 despite a 10-17 record and the Lady Wildcats take on Sharon-Mutual, ranked 17th, in the winners bracket game.

Sharon-Mutual won big when the teams played in December.

The boys winners bracket matchup pits unranked Buffalo against No. 2 Arnett.

Arnett is 17-8 and is looking to stay on track for a possible   meeting with Forgan in the area finals.

Class B at Leedey

The 9th-ranked Leedey girls have missed the state tournament by a game the past 2 seasons.

This year, they are looking to take that next step and begin regional play on their home floor against Dover.

The Lady Bison have won 4 of their last 5 with the only loss to Class A Seiling.

The boys matchup has No. 18 Lookeba-Sickles taking on Crossings Christian.

Leedey's boys face an afternoon elimination game against Dover.

Class A at Fort Supply

The Seiling and Texhoma boys meeting is a quality matchup for the early elimination rounds.

It came about as the Wildcats lost a close game at Cherokee in the district and Texhoma was stunned in overtime by Beaver.

Seiling has a win over Texhoma this year.

The winners' bracket game sends Beaver and its solid group of post players against Cherokee which has moved into the rankings at 18th.

In the girls winners bracket, 12th ranked Seiling facades a dangerous Texhoma club.

Class A at Okeene

The boys winners bracket has 9th-ranked Laverne taking on No. 14 Garber.

Laverne appears to be hitting its stride after a late start due to football. The Tigers are 15-2 since Christmas with the only losses to Fargo, a top-5 team in Class B.

Garber has won 10 of its last 11 games.


In Class B, Area II, the Fargo Bearcats look to continue their march toward a second straight state tournament trip as they face Temple at Elk City. Game time is 8 p.m.

Fargo is ranked 4th with a 20-6 record.

A win would send the Bearcats into Saturday's regional final, likely against 11th-ranked Varnum.

Hammon's girls face Duke in the winners bracket.


Class B

Area I

Thursday’s games

Sub-Regional at Boise City

Felt vs. Hardesty (girls), 1:30

Boise City vs. Balko, 3 p.m.

Boise City vs. Balko (girls), 6:30

Felt vs. Tyrone, 8 p.m.

Regional at Forgan

Goodwell vs. Fort Supply (girls), 1:30

Goodwell vs. Shattuck, 3 p.m.

Forgan vs. Shattuck (girls), 6:30

Forgan vs. Fort Supply, 8 p.m.

Sub-Regional at Vici

Buffalo vs. Vici (girls), 1:30

Sharon-Mutual vs. Vici, 3 p.m.

Sharon-Mutual vs. Arnett (girls), 6:30

Buffalo vs. Arnett, 8 p.m.

Regional at Leedey

Lookeba-Sickles vs. Crossings Christian (girls), 1:30

Leedey vs. Dover, 3 p.m.

Leedey vs. Dover (girls), 6:30

Lookeba-Sickles vs. Crossings Christian, 8 p.m.

Area II

Sub-Regional at Elk City

Fargo vs. Temple (girls), 1:30

Hammon vs. Duke, 3 p.m.

Hammon vs. Duke (girls), 6:30

Fargo vs. Temple, 8 p.m.

Sub-Regional at Mt. View-Gotebo

Mountain View-Gotebo vs. Gracemont (girls), 1:30

Mountain View-Gotebo vs. Gracemont, 3 p.m.

Varnum vs. Cement (girls), 6:30

Varnum vs. Cement, 8 p.m.

Sub-Regional at Altus

Eldorado vs. Davidson (girls), 1:30

Erick vs. Grandfield, 3 p.m.

Erick vs. Big Pasture (girls), 6:30

Olustee vs. Big Pasture, 8 p.m.

Sub-Regional at Coleman

Springer vs. Coleman (girls), 1:30

Tupelo vs. Earlsboro, 3 p.m.

Tupelo vs. Earlsboro (girls), 6:30

Springer vs. Coleman, 8 p.m.

Class A

Area 1

Sub-Regional at Fort Supply

Beaver vs. Medford (girls), 1:30

Texhoma vs. Seiling, 3 p.m.

Texhoma vs. Seiling (girls), 6:30

Beaver vs. Cherokee, 8 p.m.

Sub-Regional at Arapaho

Sentinel vs. Calumet (girls), 1:30

Sentinel vs. Calumet, 3 p.m.

Cheyenne vs. Arapaho (girls), 6:30

Cheyenne vs. Arapaho, 8 p.m.

Regional at Okeene

Laverne vs. Okeene (girls), 1:30

Waukomis vs. Okeene, 3 p.m.

Waukomis vs. Garber (girls), 6:30

Laverne vs. Garber, 8 p.m.

Sub-Regional at Cashion

Kremlin-Hillsdale vs. OCA (girls), 1:30

Ringwood vs. Cimarron, 3 p.m.

Okarche vs. Cashion (girls), 6:30

Okarche vs. Cashion, 8 p.m.

Area II

Sub-Regional at Fletcher

Blair vs. Fletcher (girls), 1:30

Indiahoma vs. Binger-Oney, 3 p.m.

Indiahoma vs. Binger-Oney (girls), 6:30

Hollis vs. Fletcher, 8 p.m.

Sub-Regional at Sterling

Ryan vs. Verden (girls), 1:30

Waurika vs. Cyril, 3 p.m.

Sterling vs. Cyril (girls), 6:30

Sterling vs. SW Covenant, 8 p.m.

Sub-Regional at Chattanooga

Tipton vs. Healdton (girls), 1:30

Chattanooga vs. Healdton, 3 p.m.

Chattanooga vs. Elmore City (girls), 6:30

Tipton vs. Elmore City, 8 p.m.

Sub-Regional at Roff

Alex vs. Roff (girls), 1:30

Alex vs. Allen, 3 p.m.

Fort Cobb-Broxton vs. Allen (girls), 6:30

Fort Cobb-Broxton vs. Roff, 8 p.m.

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