Woodward opened its first ever PBR event Friday night under a sea of mud and rain. Mother Nature blew in a storm just minutes before the start of the event that caused a one hour delay in the action.

The evening began with the presentation of the colors by an Army color guard out of Oklahoma City and as the National Anthem was performed, man-made fireworks and flashes of lightning filled the night sky.

All the cowboys in Friday night’s event were introduced and came out to the arena to tip their hat to the crowd. When the 2005 PBR champion Justin McBride was introduced, the fans erupted in cheer.

Local cowboy Dan Henricks, a native of Logan and graduate of Laverne, received a standing ovation and a deafening roar.

In Friday’s action, 35 riders divided into five sections of seven began to prepare their gear and minds for a wet and soggy night.

In the first section two cowboys pulled in qualifying rides. Colby Yates scored an 88 on a bull named Curly and Greg Sasser scored an 84 on Formal Attire.

In the second section, the bulls swept the cowboys and all seven attempts ended in the rider finding the mud.

Section three of the event boasted better luck for the riders as three cowboys posted scores. One cowboy however took a hard hit and was helped out of the arena by the paramedic staff.

The riders who logged scores in the third section were Jason Bennett with an 84.5 on a bull called Flat Top, Red Robbins a 70 on Road Rage and Jamin Turner scored an 84.

In between the third and fourth sections, some of the fans in attendance were invited on to the arena floor where they had a dance contest for an autographed PBR T-shirt by McBride, who is from Elk City.

McBride said he was happy to see the PBR come to Woodward. While he isn’t competing in the event, he was in the arena lending a hand at the chute gates.

Henricks is currently in 28th place in the qualifier standings and he said he hopes he can put on a good show for the Woodward fans.

A second group of cowboys and bulls will go at it again today starting at 7:30 p.m. at the Elks Rodeo Arena.

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