NORMAN, Okla. — The Red River Rivalry has taken place at the Cotton Bowl since 1929, but that could end soon.

The contract with the city of Dallas runs through 2008, but Oklahoma and Texas can option out of the contract after the 2007 meeting.

There’s been much discussion about what will happen if the universities and the city cannot reach a new agreement.

The city of Dallas wants the two schools to agree to keep the game there before sinking more money into the 73-year-old stadium. OU and Texas want to see major renovations made to the facility before agreeing to a new contract.

“We haven’t asked for anything that is unreasonable or unusual,” OU athletic director Joe Castiglione said Tuesday. “We’ve just asked for a venue that is in good condition and that can accommodate 70,000 to 80,000 fans that are passionate at both universities and can accommodate what all this game brings.”

Tickets sales for the game generate $1 million for each school.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said it’s a decision that won’t be made by the football program.

“That is for our administration,” Stoops said. “I understand my place and my place is to run our football team. If they say go play across the street, we’ll go play across the street. If we go to Texas to play down in their stadium, we’ll play. If they come up here, we’ll play.

“We’ll do whatever is necessary and what we feel is appropriate and right for our programs. And I’m all for whatever (our administration feels) that is. And I trust Texas’ administration as well to be on board and do what’s best for our programs.”

More on Peterson

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops remains confident running back Adrian Peterson will be able to play Saturday.

Peterson injured his right ankle during the second quarter against Kansas State and did not return. He’s worn a medical boot since.

OU’s medical staff cleared Peterson to practice Tuesday. He was still held out, but Stoops said he would practice Wednesday.

It’s never personal

Stoops and Texas coach Mack Brown take center stage OU-Texas week. The coaches are dissected like medical school cadavers. Stoops believes that exercise is overrated. There’s more that goes into the game than two head coaches.

“To me, there’s too much made personally,” he said. “He and I aren’t out there playing. He and I don’t set the entire gameplan. Too much is made of that.”

The Sooner coach believes every part of each school’s football program plays a part in the rivalry. That’s where the focus should be.

“In the end, I just don’t look at anything as me against anybody else,” he said. “It’s our program and their program and that’s it.”

Bush to center

OU offensive line coach Kevin Wilson isn’t ruling out a chance center Chris Chester might play Saturday but he isn’t counting on it.

“I know he wants to and he’s trying,” Wilson said, “but we’re preparing like he won’t.”

Chester suffered a knee injury early in the second half against Kansas State. Chris Bush moved from right guard to center when Chester went down. J.D. Quinn moved to the right guard spot.

The offensive line has been shuffled throughout the season and last Saturday was the first game it seemed to get settled in. Wilson thinks his unit still has that going for it even if Chester can’t play.

“If he’s out, I think we can rotate a couple guys and head on down the road,” he said.

John Shinn writes for the Norman (Okla.) Transcript.

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