Area basketballs fans taking in an Oklahoma City Hornets game this year will once again see a familiar face along the sidelines.

Talor Reazin, a 2005 graduate Mooreland High School, will be dancing as a member of the Hornets Honeybees for the second year in a row.

“It’s amazing,” Reazin said. “It’s the best seat in the house. It’s up close and exciting and the excitement never stops.”

When the on-court action does take a break for timeouts and such, Reazin and the other members of the Honeybees step into the forefront.

“It’s exciting being in front of millions of people and dancing and just seeing everyone and the crowd interaction,” Reazin. “They (crowd) have to dance and usually do, they will stand up with you.”

Reazin was a cheerleader at Mooreland, but performing at an NBA game is quite a bit different.

“It’s more to entertain the crowd,” Reazin said. “We do more dancing. I took dance for 12 y ears at the Woodward Studio of Dance and it really paid off.”

Before Hurricane Katrina relocated the Hornets and Honeybees to Oklahoma City, Reazin was a member of the pom squad at the University of Central Oklahoma, where she continues to attend school.

“Me and a friend on the pom squad decided to try out (for the Honeybees) at the last minute and from there everything went well,” Reazin said.

Over 200 tried out and Reazin was one of the 10 selected to join the 10 other Honeybees who came from New Orleans.

“It was amazing, the best experience of my life so far,” Reazin said.

She tried out again this year and again made the squad.

The Honeybees perform at the games in Oklahoma City and this year will be in at least one game in New Orleans.

“There are seven of us back from last year and they are flying us out to opening night in New Orleans on Nov. 5,” Reazin said. “Nov. 7 is the first game in Oklahoma City.”

Reazin said the dance team practices from nine to 12 hours a week and has appearances do to as well. It keeps the full-time student busy.

“We do a lot of community work, we go to schools and talk to kids and do birthday parties. It’s a pretty full load, but it’s worth it,” she said.

Reazin is majoring in biology at UCO but will eventually go to another school for dental hygiene – a major that isn’t offered at the Edmond school.

“After I get all my pre-requisites in, I will go to a dental school,” she said.

She also intends to continue her dance career in some fashion, even though this may be the final year for the Hornets in Oklahoma City.

“A couple of friends who dance on the Hornets and I have talked about maybe trying the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, or even going to New Orleans and finishing with the Hornets. Or if the Supersonics (another NBA team) come to Oklahoma City, I’ll probably just stay right here in Oklahoma,” Reazin said.

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