Recently 4-H members in the shooting sports project met in Woodward for one of their winter shooting sports contests. Fifty-three shooters participated in ninety-five shooting events in four shooting disciplines. The contest had air rifle, air pistol, recurve bow and compound bow competitions.

The Woodward contest was one of six contests being held this winter for shooters all over Northwest Oklahoma. Each contest in the series usually has shooters from seven counties near Woodward. The 4-H members participating in these winter series shoots usually compete very well at the state contests and have represented Oklahoma 4-H at the national contest.

Two shooters recently at these winter series shoots have established new state records for the 4-H program. Jo Eike, Ellis County, has established the record in the air rifle discipline by shooting a score of 506. The old record was a 502 shot last year at the state contest in Edmond. Brock Nelson, Woodward, has crushed the old record in the air pistol discipline by shooting a score of 519. Prior to this year the high mark in this discipline was 485 shot in 2005.

Each of the shooting disciplines has nine skill levels. Brock Nelson and Jo Eike are the only shooters that have reached level nine in their respective discipline.

The following are the results of the shoot in Woodward:

Air Rifle: Level 1, Champion, Will Guthrie, Woodward; Reserve, Thad Howard, Ellis. Level 2, Champion, Dalton Brewer, Ellis; Reserve, Antonio Miranda, Ellis. Level 3, Champion, Dasas Gillenwaters, Woodward; Reserve, Lucas Aud, Woodward. Level 4, Champion, Timothy Bailey, Dewey; Reserve, Brody Tune, Ellis. Level 5, Champion, Chassidee Koehn, Woods; Reserve, Michaela Zook. Level 6, Champion, Emilie Salisbury, Dewey; Reserve, Stephanie Hamaker, Ellis. Level 7, Champion, Brock Nelson, Woodward; Reserve, DJ Touchstone, Dewey. Level 9, Champion, Jo Eike.

Air Pistol: Level 1, Champion, Emily Judd, Woods; Reserve Brody Tune, Ellis. Level 2, Champion, Stephanie Hamaker, Ellis. Level 3, Champion, Amanda Hamaker, Ellis. Level 4, Champion Ariel Judd. Level 8, Champion Ryan Savely, Woodward. Level 9, Champion, Brock Nelson.

Recurve Bow: Level 1, Champion, Luke Fuqua, Blaine; Reserve, Zachary Johnson, Ellis. Level 2, Champion, Matthew Day, Harper; Reserve Ricardo Miranda, Ellis. Level, 3, Champion, Jacy Gillenwaters, Woodward; Reserve, Dasan Gillenwaters, Woodward. Level 4, Champion, Amanda Hamaker. Level 5, Champion, Joseph Bailey, Dewey; Reserve Tyler Howard, Ellis. Level 7, Champion, Jo Eike. Level 8, Champion, Brock Nelson.

Compound Bow: Level 1, Champion, Tyler Howard, Ellis; Reserve, Kenzy Kizer, Woodward. Level 2, Champion, Kelly Hickey, Blaine. Level 3, Champion, Mark Sowell, Woodward; Reserve Dillan Chaloupek, Blaine. Level 4, Champion, Zachary Johnson, Ellis; Reserve, Mikel Gibson, Harper. Level 5, Champion, Josh barry, Blaine; Reserve, Jake Sanderson, Blaine. Level 6, Champion, Joseph Bailey, Dewey; Reserve, James Blood, Blaine. Level 7, Champion Kasey Kennedy, Dewey; Reserve, Timothy Bailey, Dewey. Level 8, Champion, Jo Eike.

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