The Woodward basketball teams will have eight seniors honored tonight as the Boomers play host to the Elk City Elks in the final regular season home game of the year. There are four seniors on the boys and four on the girls team, they are: Ian Murray, Tyson Miller, Brady Sunderland and Cody Cole for the boys team. On the girls squad, seniors are Maggie Foster, Christi Patten, Ashley Jantz and Brooke Bogdahn.

Each of these players have brought a certain uniqueness to their team and both Corey Miller and Kim Kramer said they enjoyed the time they have spent with the seniors.

The Boomer girls

Foster said that during her time as a Boomer basketball player she was able to get close with all her team mates and build some great relationships. Foster said that the closeness that she has with the team, the playing and practicing every day and the running is what she will most miss. She stated that he fondest memory of being a Boomer was the 2002 state championship and the day her team scored 102 points against Santa Fe South in a 102-2 slaughter. Foster said the advise that she would leave her underclassmen is to keep pushing themselves and not to get down on themselves.

Patten said her experiences as a Boomer include the friendships she has made and that basketball was her life in high school. She added that she would not trade that time for anything. Patten too said winning it all was her best memory and that she will miss the game itself along with her senior friends. She hoe that the younger Boomers will give it all they got and play with their heart to win.

Jantz said that her experiences as a Boomer have been great. Being on the state championship team two years ago, Jantz described as awesome. For Jantz, she said that she will miss the road trip the most, she added that they had a lot of fun on the bus. She admitted that the one thing she hated most about basketball was the running, but said she knows she will miss that too. She wants her successors to step up and be the leaders and that they have to believe.

Bogdahn said that playing basketball at Woodward High School has been fun and that the program was great. She too will miss all the friends she has made on the court. Bogdahn said her greatest memory was getting the championship ring. As for the leaders of next years team, Bogdahn said to keep your heads up at all times.

Coach Kramer said that her four seniors understand the tradition the girls program has and they did a great job of carrying on that tradition. I always lean on my seniors to be my leaders, my expectations are very high and these girls did a very good job of carrying out that role as leaders. I hope that these girls can take what they learned in this program with them as they move on through life.

The Boomer boys

Murray stated that he has learned a lot by playing basketball and that basketball is what probably kept him in school. He said that basketball has been his inspiration in all that he does. Murray said he will miss his team mates and the friendship he has made, he added that you can not replace those friendships. Making it to the state playoffs is Murray’s best memory as a Boomer and for his advise to the younger Boomers, he said for them not to take advantage of time, because it goes by so quickly.

Miller said that the Boomer basketball team has the most unity of any team he has ever played on and that he has special bonds with the players and coaches. Miller too will miss his hoop companions and like Murray, playing at state will be burned into his mind for a long time. Miller hopes that the up and coming leaders of the team do not focus on scoring and all the flashing things in basketball but rather for them to give the best effort all the time for the team.

Sunderland said that it was great to be able to come back to Woodward for his senior year and that this year was real special for him. He said that he will miss the guys and he hopes his greatest memory will happen on a couple of weeks as the team plays in the state tournament. But for now it is the game they won at the buzzer two years ago to get them into the state tournament. He wants his younger team mates to keep working hard and to fight through adversity.

Cole feels the experiences he has had can sometimes be hard t describe. He admitted he has had a lot of fun and that playing at Boomer Fieldhouse has been great. Cole said he will miss the competition the most. Being able to lace up his sneakers and go play ball. Cole’s best memory happened this year when the Boomers won the Buckle of the Wheatbelt tournament. Cole said that was the best game the team has ever played. He wants the returning players to come to work hard everyday at practice and that no matter what happens, there is always a tomorrow.

Coach Miller said that these four young men were a joy to coach. Miller said he feels that everyone of his seniors will have success in their futures. He added the one thing that sticks out most about this group was when the team started out 0-4 and did not quit, he said the seniors continued to lead the team through thick and thin.

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