In the game of golf at the high school level, the varsity needs five members to comprise a team.

Woodward has eight girls out for golf under the leadership on coach Corey Miller. The team members are Chleasey Findley, Shala Vasser, Ashley Jantz, Christi Patten, Katelyn Hunter, Morgan Harrison, Kendra Hollis and Kelsey Dennison.

Miller said Findley played last year and does a pretty good job. Vasser is hitting the ball straight and looks good early. Miller said it is still early, but he hopes the girls will catch on quickly and have fun with the game.

The girls were supposed to be playing in Laverne today, but Miller said he pulled them out because they were not ready.

“We have a lot of first year players on the team, so I do not expect them to go out and win tournaments, but what I do expect is for them to get better every day and at every tournament,” said Miller. “My goal is to teach these girls the game of golf and the rules and etiquette of the game.”

Miller said his biggest challenge is getting more girls interested in playing the sport.

“I realize that in spring there are a lot of options for the kids to choose from, but hopefully we will be able to get more girls out on the course in the future,” he said.

Miller said golf is a good game for anyone to learn because it is a life-long game that a person can play.

Miller said he likes to play the game as well as teach the game.

“For me it is nice to be on the course following the stresses of basketball,” Miller said.

The Woodward girls will be in action on Monday as they will tee off in Elk City.

“I hope that they can go out and compete and have fun,” Miller said. “It will be their first match of the year so they will be stressed out but I hope they have fun with it.”

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