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During the 2016 campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump spoke of "draining the swamp" in an attempt to reform the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. Special interests and lobbyists really do represent what the "swamp" consists of, and the role of the influence industry has seen quite a proliferation during the Trump administration.

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One of the biggest factors leading voters to cast their choice for Donald Trump as president — aside from Hillary Clinton — was a desire to clean up the D.C. swamp. Americans were tired of being legislated and preached at by what had increasingly become a ruling elite.

WASHINGTON -- The swift-moving impeachment probe pushed onward Wednesday as a former top State Department aide testified that the Trump administration's politicization of foreign policy contributed to his resignation, while the Senate GOP leader briefed colleagues on a possible Christmas impeachment trial.

KANSAS, Okla. — Residents concerned about air quality near poultry feeding operations near homes and schools in northeastern Oklahoma expect to learn by January whether funding will be awarded for a study proposed by University of Oklahoma researchers.