I remember a few years ago in my wild and woolly days at the ripe old age of 10 I received my very set of golf clubs. I was absolutely amazed by the shiny new clubs and couldn’t wait until I could get outside and try them out. Living on a farm in western Oklahoma there were plenty of wide open spaces to hit, but I decided to do it right behind the house in clear range of every window within miles.

I pulled out my brand new driver teed a ball up high and let it rip. And rip it did, right through the windshield of a truck newly purchased by my father. When comforted about the obvious accident my first impulse and words to my father were to blame it on something else. Anything else. The wind, my new clubs, the gravitational pull of the moon, anything that would get me out of trouble, Because the last thing I wanted to be was in trouble.

In the recent events of our country such as Hurricanes Rita and Katrina and the war in Iraq the blame game has been played to its utmost perfection.

It seems no one wants to be the one in trouble in today’s grown up society. We all are swinging the golf club some of us more than others and hoping that anyone in charge will believe the story that someone else did it.

President Bush did not handle the Katrina disaster correctly, yet did he try to take any blame for the poor communications between the federal and state agencies or the lack of rescue workers present after the hurricane to help with relief efforts? Of course not. He sat at his ranch in Texas swung his golf club and put the blame on everyone but himself for the broken windshield of America.

Now, I know the blame doesn’t nor shouldn’t all fall on his shoulders alone but in the time of need America needs someone to stand up and just say “Yeah. We screwed up and didn’t do all that we could to help and we are sorry. However, we are on our way and are going to make it up to you America.”

President Bush should take a page out of one of his predecessors books a predecessor by the same first name.

President Bush, George Washington cut down that cherry tree and fessed up to it. Are you ever going to fess up to cutting down the reputation and respect of this nation? In increasing an already great mistrust between the government and it citizens that because of the slow reactions and empty promises will continue to grow until your approval rating is lower than Northwest Oklahoma Farmers rain gauge in August.

My guess, the blame game will continue to be played not only by our President but by anyone in charge who is at risk of “getting in trouble” for pulling out the big dog driver and slicing a golf ball right at the heart of America.

A. J. Butler is a Woodward News staff writer

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