R.K. Ogden drove the first nail.

His son will drive the last.

When Jimmy Ogden hammers the final nail into the house he is building on Concord Lane, everything will come full circle after 45 years. R.K. built the first house in the South Downs housing addition and son Jimmy is building the last.

“There has been lots of years between the first and last,” Jimmy Ogden said. “I’m glad it’s happening this way.”

Jimmy Ogden said he bought the lot in the 2800 block of Concord Lane 10 years ago. He knew then it was the last available lot in the addition.

“I just kept thinking that someday I was going to build a house in this addition,” Jimmy said. “I was around when my dad built the first one. It’s kind of some neat history.”

R.K. agrees. He said he spent most of his years building “ordinary” houses, including the first South Downs house not far from the one under construction now. He built it for Bill Yeager’s parents in 1960.

“It’s pretty neat that it turned out this way,” R.K. said.

The patriarch said his son did not show much interest during the building of the first house. Jimmy was 13 at the time and had his mind on speed.

“All-day long he’d ride that go-kart up and down this street while I was working on the house,” R.K. said.

Now the roles have somewhat changed. R.K. likes to drive his pickup by his son’s construction site and sometimes sit and watch. He misses his construction days.

“I miss this a lot,” R.K. Ogden said. “I didn’t know it at the time, but building houses has got loafing beat all to dickens.”

R.K. and Jimmy worked for 25 years together before the elder Ogden retired. Jimmy said he learned all his skills from his dad. He said finishing what his father started is the perfect way to show his appreciation.

“I think he’s really liking this,” Jimmy said. I guess it’s like Hank Williams said: It’s a family tradition. And I’m carrying it on.”

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