Since the middle of March little has happened in the way of events locally.

For good reason, numerous events were postponed or outright canceled while trying to stay locked down or figure out the COVID-19 situation.

The virus is still here and will continue to affect the state, nation and much of the world - some parts more than others.

Still, opening things up had to happen at some point and that was the case this weekend.

Starting on Saturday morning at Boiling Springs State Park, folks were out and about, and there was stuff going on.

The Lion Heart half-marathon, 10K and 5K drew a good number of runners.

Then at Crystal Beach Park, summer baseball got underway with some nice crowds on hand and the Oklahoma Junior High Rodeo Association held its state finals at the Crystal Beach Stadium.

A golf tournament was taking place at the Woodward Municipal Course, you could catch some baseball games at Fuller Park and lifeguard training at the waterpark.

While busy, the park wasn’t overcrowded by any means. There was plenty of room to spread out and do social distancing without all that much effort.

A few other events were held across the state as well.

Hopefully this was just the start of a busy and safe summer at Crystal Beach and parks throughout the area and state.

It’s a good thing to get out in the nice weather and catch some events, or just go out for a walk.

It’s just good to get things going again.

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