The 2014 mid-term election has been completed.

I am grateful to the people of Woodward County for the opportunity to represent them as Woodward County Commissioner District 1 for another four years.

Some things have become evident when I analyze the results of the election.

The voters of the two precincts within the City of Woodward voted from 72% - 79% in favor of my performance as county commissioner.

In contrast, the Mooreland precinct voted only 34% in favor of my performance. The Quinlan precinct gave me an approval rating of 42%. This exemplifies the diversity in the tasks performed by a county commissioner.

It is evident to me, that the voters in the Woodward precincts have expressed strong support for my county business decisions and management of county business.

I would also conclude that the voters in the Mooreland precinct have expressed their concern about my management of the county road system .

Elections are good things. Because they offer the people a chance to tell us how we are doing and folks, I am listening.

It is my desire and always had been, to hear from people who have concerns or needs, and are willing to partner with me by offering constructive suggestions and creative solutions.

It has always been my goal to be transparent and inclusive in how I carry out the work I do for the people of my district.

Over the last few years I included my “County Government Works” column in the Mooreland Leader newspaper.

To that end, I also plan to submit this article to the Woodward News. My columns have been intended to inform and educate the public of the responsibilities of a county commissioner and how government works. These writings represents my commitment to open communications with the public for constructive criticism and proposals for solutions.

If we all partner together and communicate, I will be aware of what your concerns and problems are, which enables me to better meet your needs.

Now, as we move into the next four years together, I pledge to listen to your concerns and suggestions, and attempt to make adjustments that will meet our budget and have a positive impact on Woodward County.

Again, I thank you for the opportunity to serve as your District 1 County Commissioner. I look forward to working with you to make Woodward County a better place to live.

Tommy Roedell is the Woodward County Commissioner for District No. 1

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