Oklahoma House of Representatives Speaker Charles McCall made the announcement Wednesday, Sept. 4 that the House will follow redistricting footsteps used in 2011 through a Legislative Redistricting Committee.

McCall, R-Atoka, said they plan to use the same “transparent, citizen-driven redistricting process that received bipartisan praise” while also requesting input from the Oklahoma Supreme Court, executive branch and state, county and local officials. The redistricting is not set to happen until 2020 after the decennial census is completed.

Redistricting occurs every 10 years after census information has been released and each legislative chamber, under Oklahoma Constitution, participates in the process when it comes to updating respective districts, population changes and other information.

McCall said the process will include a bipartisan Redistricting Committee, which will oversee the effort, while subcommittees work on different sections of Oklahoma.

“The House process in 2011 was well-received by the public and was praised by both the majority and minority parties in the House because it included citizens and was transparent,” McCall said. “Citizens want to be more involved in the redistricting process, and I believe our constituents have valuable perspectives that should be considered related to their representation at the Capitol. The Redistricting Committee will be bipartisan and reflect the rural, urban and suburban makeup of the House of Representatives. The committee will work best if it reflects the will of people from all across the state.”

While members of the legislative committee have not been named and won’t be until early 2020, McCall said the group will travel across Oklahoma to solicit input from citizens through town-hall styled meetings.

McCall said he anticipates the redistricting to be finalized through legislation in 2021.

Also created by the House was an email where citizens can send their input and ideas which will later be considered by the Legislative Redistricting Committee.

To sound off on redistricting, email to redistrictoklahoma2020@okhouse.gov.


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