TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Heavy rains descended upon Cherokee County early Friday morning, bringing brief periods of lightning and temporary street flooding.

Cherokee County Commissioners said they have not been notified of any damages or concerns resulting from the heavy rainfall. District 1 Commissioner Doug Hubbard said he will normally hear from residents near Peggs first when flooding occurs and causes damage.

"Spring Creek will block off the bridge and then I'll get called first thing," said Hubbard. "There were different amounts of rain in different areas in the district."

District 2 Commissioner Mike Brown said there were some ditches in his district that rose up "pretty fast" and some roads suffered erosion.

"There were no damages that have been reported yet," he said.

District 3 Commissioner Clif Hall said he didn't get calls that were alarming, but his district received normal washouts that come with flash floods.

"We had water backed up onto county roads and Cookson got about 4-1/2 inches this morning," he said.

The National Weather Service in Tulsa issued a flash flood warning for Cherokee County until 3:15 p.m. Emergency Management Deputy Director Scott Pettus said he was not notified of any damages in the county.

Resorts along the Illinois River said the water was under 4 feet last week, so the rain will make the water levels rise. Officials did not anticipate any problems for weekend floaters.