Oklahoma elected officials condemed the violence of protests at the US Capitol on Wednesday.

Senator James Lankford said he condemed the acts of violence and destruction at the Capitol.

“Rioters and thugs don’t run the Capitol,” he said on the Senate floor Wednesday. “We’re the United States of America. We disagree on a lot of things, and we have a lot of spirited debate in this room. But we talk it out, and we honor each other — even in our disagreement. That person, that person, that person is not my enemy. That’s my fellow American. And while we disagree on things — and disagree strongly at times — we do not encourage what happened today. Ever.”

Second District Congressman Markwayne Mullin posted on Twitter during the protest saying it needed to stop.

“I 100% support peaceful protest but this is not it. What is happening at the Capitol right now is unacceptable and it has to stop immediately,” he posted.

Oklahoma House of Representative for District 9 Mark Lepak described the events at the nation's capitol as abhorrent.

“It is abundantly clear that many people have lost faith in our institutions of governance, in elected officials, and each other,” he said. “There are many things that erode trust, and this election issue is only the most recent. The public is owed, and owes, virtue in the conduct of civic and private matters. The same goes for anyone in elected or appointed office, who also has the sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. I swore that oath and will act accordingly as we sort this out. I still pray for and believe in America.”

After the altercation, Lankford thanked the Capitol Hill Police, the law enforcement, the National Guard, and the Secret Service.

“While we were here debating, they were pushing back,” he said in the media release. “And I was literally interrupted mid-sentence, speaking here because we were all unaware of what was happening right outside this room, because of their faithfulness and because of what they have done. And I want to thank them.”


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