Lost cat

Ezekiel and his twin Shaaka Kabir

Ezekiel "Zeke," a one-year-old Siamese Cat has been missing for close to three weeks, said his owner Mairead Walsh.

Walsh stopped in Woodward for the night on Dec. 27, just part way on a journey from southern Mexico to Boston, where she is relocating. She was traveling with her two cats, Zeke and his twin Shaaka Kabir.

During her stay, Zeke slipped away and Walsh continues to search for him. She has had the twins since they were 8 months old.

"The other twin is the less adventurous of the two," Walsh said. "Zeke is more outdoorsy and ready to sprint out the door, apparently."

Walsh, who is staying at the Sands Hotel, is getting plenty of help in her search for Zeke.

"I've had lots of folks give me tips and advice on Facebook and I had a lady donate her humane live trap to try and use that," Walsh said. "A lot of folks have given me encouragement and prayers."

She said the team at Devine's Stationary donated the print outs of the flyers she has put out.

"People in the neighborhood behind the Sands were opening doors so I could search their back yard and they put flyers up there," she said.

Walsh has also enlisted the help of W.O.O.F Pet Rescue and the Woodward Animal Shelter to watch for a Siamese, but so far the cat has not turned up.

She said workers at KFC often put food out and are keeping an eye out to see if Zeke is one of the cats that come through there.

A teacher, Walsh is able to work online and has decided to stay in Woodward until she can find Zeke.

"I'm actually looking for a rental property," she said. "I thought it would be a good idea to stay put while I have the luxury of working online."

She said Ezekeil means "God will strengthen, Amen."

She is hoping that strength will bring Zeke back to her.

If you see Ezekeil contact Mairead Walsh at 917-513-1330.

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