Positive cases of COVID-19 continued to skyrocket in Fort Supply with virtually all likely coming from William S. Key Correctional Center.

The Monday morning report from the Oklahoma State Department of Health showed 827 cases in Fort Supply with 814 remaining active.

Woodward Emergency Manager Matt Lehenbauer said during a county commission meeting on Monday - before the latest health department release - that 430 cases were listed as positive at William S. Key.

The updated numbers from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections on Monday afternoon didn't come close to the health department numbers - . The DOC showed only 241 positive cases at W. S. Key with 23 recovered. It also showed 237 in isolation and another 719 inmates quarantined. The report also indicates there are 750 tests pending across the system.

the minimum security facility is an open dorm environment. Ten staff members were shown testing positive.

There are 1,072 inmates at the prison according to the Sept. 21 count by the Department of Corrections, but numbers change on a regular basis.

The population of the town of Fort Supply as of the last census was 330.

Emailed questions to the DOC had not been returned by Monday evening.

The DOC said over the weekend that it would be deploying rapid response teams to hot spots in the corrections system and Lehenbauer noted in the county meeting that a team has been sent to W. S. Key.

Information on exactly how so many cases came to be at the prison was not readily available.

Members of the DOC rapid response team includes correctional officers who worked inside the Comanche County Jail early in the pandemic and learned "best practices to cease the spread of the virus," according to the DOC website. Officers will also deliver additional PPE kits, sanitation supplies and an additional fogger.

Officers ensure the facility follows a sanitation schedule and documents temperatures inside housing units without air conditioning. The team also includes a representative from food services to assist with the inmates’ nutritional needs and agency experts in environmental health and safety, human resources and medical services. Each team member helps the warden identify resources needed to quickly attack the virus.

“While we are taking many proactive steps to limit the spread of this virus in our facilities, we also continue to respond swiftly to hot spots that develop,” said DOC Director Scott Crow.

Overall for Woodward County, the state health department shows 961 cases with 821 active - again the great majority in Fort Supply. There are 140 recoveries.

Woodward has 136 cases with 43 active and Mooreland has 31 total cases with 1 active, according to the health department numbers.

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