Warrior teacher

Highland Park Second Grade Teacher Nancy Shore received the 2019 Warrior Teacher Award from Warriors for Freedom Founder and President of Operations Brett Dick. Her husband, David Shore (left) served in the United States Air Force. Shore’s daughter Kathryn Shore (right) is a speech-language pathologist for Woodward Public Schools. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Thirty-eight years of teaching second grade students and Nancy Shore bubbles with excitement as new supplies come in for her newest class. With brightly colored decorations around the classroom and a big smile on her face, she reminisces about the students she has taught through the years, delighting especially in the graduates who have stopped to visit with her.

Out of applications sent in from all over Oklahoma, Shore’s nomination was accepted along with only four others in the state. Named Warriors for Freedom “Warrior Teacher” for 2019, Shore received $500 worth of supplies for her classroom.

“It feels like Christmas,” Shore exclaimed.

The nomination was sent in by Project AWARE Community Manager and Outreach Coordinator Amy Whitewater and Shore’s daughter Kathryn Shore, who is a speech-language pathologist for Woodward Public Schools. 

“Nancy has an extreme passion for teaching second grade. She loves molding and shaping young minds. Nancy is THE definition of a Warrior Teacher,” the application said. “Each year, Nancy makes scrapbooks for each of her students for their year in second grade. Students tell her 10 years later on their graduation day that they still have their scrapbooks and look at them often."

Shore is a military veteran wife. Her husband of 35 years, David Shore served three years active duty as Unit Orderly Room Specialist in the United States Air Force, followed by two years in the Air Force Reserve.

Shore has had her share of combat as a cancer survivor. She spent only 10 days out of the classroom during her fight, according to the nomination. 

According to the nomination, Shore supports her students by attending sporting events and dance recitals. She does not yet see retirement in her future because she wants to continue to enrich the lives of young people.

In an effort to reduce the risk of divorce, substance abuse, suicide and exclusion, Warriors for Freedom Foundation provides support to help service members, veterans and their families reconnect with their community, according to their website.

Each year, a committee for Warriors for Freedom Foundation chooses five teachers from nominations sent in from all over Oklahoma, according to Warriors for Freedom Founder and President of Operations Brett Dick.

You can learn more about the Warriors of Freedom Foundation at their website www.warriorsforfreedom.org or call 405-286-9920.