If you've ever spent a Saturday digging through old boxes in your attic or cleaning your garage after five years of throwing old junk in the corner because you had no time, you know how good it feels to have that space back for better uses.

According to Liz Grennan, founder and CEO of Still the Sea, cleaning can be the first outward sign of the same internal work that can ultimately bring a lot of peace and serenity to a person's life.

With that in mind, those who have a spurt of energy and a desire to stop loathing themselves for the junk in the back yard, the trash around the trash bins in the alley, or all those junky boxes in the attic, can avail themselves of Woodward's upcoming Trash Off day.

This year, that, oh so special day where lives become less cluttered, will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday October 4. Those who want to use the landfill can do so all day for free with proof of Woodward residency.

According to Woodward Sanitation Superintendent Roger Arnold, the special privilege is offered to anyone who lives within the Woodward city limits and who shows up to the city landfill with a City of Woodward water bill.

As in year's past, the city will continue to take old tires as long as they are separated. Trash bags with basic household trash, old boxes and most refuse will be accepted, Arnold said.

However, because of the need to protect local water resources, batteries and commercial trash, such as construction trash or cans of paint and other chemicals cannot be accepted, Arnold said.

For those who need to get rid of batteries, Razien Metals in Woodward will accept batteries and metal. However, Razien Metals is not open on Saturday so local cleaners will need to plan to drop that kind of refuse on Monday through Friday.

Razien accepts old metal "white goods" such as bathtubs, washing machines, stoves and other metal items. Refrigerators must have the freon tanks totally removed, according to Razien managers.

According to Arnold, Woodward landfill will also accept grass clippings and leaves in bags but would like it if those were separated from the trash bags.

They also wanted to let city residents know about the Red Ribbon Reminder program, Arnold said. The program offers you an opportunity to remember to clear the refuse and tree limbs and weeds  around your property and in your alley way before a fine will apply.

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