The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) has launched an investigation into sales of illegal marijuana being sold out of Oklahoma dispensaries. Agency Spokesman Mark Woodward says OBN discovered the unlawful distribution following a traffic stop made by the OBN K9 Interdiction Unit.

“On May 26th, one of our K9 Agents made a traffic stop on Interstate 40. Evidence found during the encounter indicated the driver and passenger had been delivering California-grown marijuana to several Oklahoma dispensaries for resale. We seized about 20 pounds of marijuana that had just been delivered to one dispensary in Oklahoma City and cash in the vehicle that was being transported back to California inside duffle bags that contained marijuana residue from previous shipments.” ---OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward

Oklahoma laws prohibit out-of-state marijuana from being sold in Oklahoma dispensaries. OBN Director Donnie Anderson says there is a health risk from these illegal shipments that have not been tested to ensure they meet the required Oklahoma safety standards.

“Allegations of illegal, out-of-state marijuana being moved through Oklahoma dispensaries is a common complaint we receive from within the medical marijuana industry. My agency is dedicated to protecting our citizens and our law-abiding medical marijuana businesses that are being harmed by the criminal actions of those who try to sidestep the provisions of SQ788.”---OBN Director Donnie Anderson

Woodward says arrests and charges are pending as the investigation is ongoing to identify all of the people and dispensaries involved in the illegal sales. Anyone with information about this case or any illegal drug activity is encouraged to contact OBN at 1-800-522-8031.

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