Woodward County Sheriff Kevin Mitchell is alerting residents of a new scam that has popped up in the area.

Someone using the Woodward County Sheriff's Office and the names of two deputies is impersonating them.

"The person is calling residents and telling them they have missed jury duty and there is a warrant out for their arrest," Mitchell said. "Then, the scammer tells them they need to go get a prepaid credit card."

Mitchell said one woman reported the scammer wanted her to get a prepaid card for $1,600.

The sheriff said he knows of at least two people who have received this type of phone call.

"I just want everyone to know we would not solicit money like that," Mitchell said. "We don't call to solicit money."

He said a similar scam happened a couple of years ago, but that person was not using the name of actual deputies.

"That one got stopped pretty quick," Mitchell said. "What worries me is that this person is using deputies names.

Mitchell said call back numbers showing up on resident's phone ID have included the fax number in the sheriff's office and one of them was the county clerk's number.

If you receive a call along these lines, contact the sheriff's office at 580-256-3264.