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Superintendent Kyle Reynolds with Bennie Williams after the kindergartner lead the pledge of allegiance for the Woodward Public Schools Board of Education meeting Monday evening. (Photo by Dawnita Fogelman)

The Woodward Board of Education met Monday evening in the board room of the administration building.

Financial reports were given by Deputy Superintendent Jerry Burch. He went on to explain the 2021-2022 estimate of needs and the 2020-2021 financial statement, which the board approved.

Routine items on the consent agenda were approved with the modification to remove the labor auction from the district fundraiser types.

“I’m just not so sure that’s a good idea,” President Leah Barby said. “This one just makes me uncomfortable. So I would request that maybe, just this one particular item is removed from the fundraiser types.”

Barby suggested though this type of fundraiser has been very common through the years, in today’s world should be a more controlled format where it is known who is bidding and what they have planned for the students.

Burch and Superintendent Kyle Reynolds also mentioned adult meals have gone up because of USDA setting a new price over the summer. All student meals are still free, but Burch mentioned how the paperwork for those free meals is important not only for meals but also for other government programs the school can apply for.

The board approved a resolution to cover all alternate education co-op expenses that exceed the amount of revenue received by the alternate education co-op by the general fund.

“The State Department hasn't told us how much they're going to fund alt. ed (alternative education).,” Reynolds said. “What we do know is that we have streamlined and reduced the staffing.”

Another school has also been added to the coop which increased revenue and will mitigate out of pocket expenses, according to Reynolds.

A transportation agreement with Boomer Kids Club Inc for the 2020-2021 year was approved. According to Burch, there are 25 to 30 students who ride buses from the Early Childhood Center to the daycare facility. The pricing is based on the same agreement the District has with High Plains Technology Center, according to Reynolds.

The board approved a service agreement with Sign Language Resources Services, Inc. for a parent interpreter to serve hard of hearing parents during parent teacher conferences and other necessary situations. According to Reynolds, the services can be either in person or via video conference.

After an executive session, the board approved the 2021-2022 Cirtified Negotiated Agreement, personnel reports and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Woodward Education Association.

The purpose of the MOU is stated to correct an error in the teacher workday.

According to the MOU, negotiations were held after it was discovered that the stated teacher workday had been seven and a half hours, yet the actual workday consists of eight hours. In recognition of the 30 minute extension, which is nearly equivalent to seven workdays over the course of the school year, seven regular in-person days will be converted to virtual days instead.

"On August 20, I was made aware that the work day for teachers at the high school was 8 hours this year. In our negotiated agreement that the Woodward Education Association (WEA) bargains for teachers, it states that the work day will be 7 1/2 hours," WEA President Kenni Fewin said. "The change was not in any way an attempt to go around the agreement."

According to Fewin, the WEA was just trying to make the schedule better for student achievement.

"I notified Mr. Reynolds and we began working together to find the best solution," Fewin said. "The virtual days were believed to be the best solution to give students technology experiences and make the teachers' work days more equitable. Everyone worked amicably to resolve the issue."

The compromise is the result of a desire to protect instructional time for students, enhance technology proficiency and maintain structure of schedule.

Virtual days will be:

    • Oct. 15, 2021

    • Nov. 12, 2021

    • Dec. 10, 2021

    • Jan. 21, 2022

    • Feb. 11, 2022

    • Feb. 25, 2022

    • April 1, 2022

Reynolds’ quarterly evaluation was postponed to next month due to only three of the five board members being present.

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