School board meeting

While maintaining social distancing protocol, Stock Exchange Bank President Bill Fanning (left) and CEO Bruce Benbrook (right) present Woodward Public School Social Worker Kim Williams (middle) with a $10,000 donation to benefit the Student Assistance Fund Thursday afternoon, prior to a special meeting of the Woodward Board of Education. (Photo by Sarah Nishimuta)

The Woodward Board of Education held a special meeting Thursday afternoon to take action on several resolutions to adapt to the effects of the current pandemic.

Take keep with social distancing rules, board members attended the meeting physically or through videoconference. Public attendance for the meeting was limited but was streamed live on BoomerTV.

The school bond election will be rescheduled for Aug. 25, 2020 per Superintendent Kyle Reynolds’ suggestion and the Board’s approval. The Board could either stick with the original date, move to June 30, or postpone until August 25. Reynolds recommended the August date because it would coincide with back-to-school excitement and would not have an overly busy ballot for the vote at that time.

The Board approved a resolution that grants emergency powers to the Superintendent, which allows Reynolds to take emergency actions.

“This is basically authorizing in the event of – since we’re in a state of emergency, that if something pops up that the superintendent can handle immediately for the safety and well being of the schools, the people, the community – (it) authorizes me to do those things,” Reynolds explained.

After schools were closed across Oklahoma, many worried about keeping the support staff employed during a financially challenging time. The Board approved the addition of policy DEC-R4 (emergency leave regulations).

“This is a policy that will be on our books from here out so that if the situation arises that we have an emergency, whether it is a natural disaster or weather related that allows the district to provide up to 10 emergency days for support staff per year,” Reynolds said. “This will be a great thing for our district moving forward, but this will help us cover the two week window that we’re in right now. And we can make that retroactive to this past Monday, all the way through until we get to April 6.”

The Board then approved granting emergency leave for full time support staff due to the coronavirus.


Reynolds started off by thanking CEO of Stock Exchange Bank Bruce Benbrook for a $10,000 donation to the Student Assistance Fund prior to the meeting.

“This money will help operate the Student Assistance Fund,” said Woodward Public School Social Worker Kim Williams. “This fund assists students with many needs through each school year. It specifically (helps) with buying school supplies for school year 2020-2021.”

Board member Linda Harrison is looking at a later retirement date than planned after the State Election Board postponed school board elections to June. Her term was set to end in April but she will continue to serve on the board until the election can take place.

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