Monday was the first day of enrollment for Woodward Public Schools and the previous years numbers are in. Superintendent Kyle Reynolds gave a brief breakdown Monday evening at the Woodward School Board meeting.

“In the last five years, roughly we’ve dropped about 400 students, so that’s a pretty significant decline in enrollment,” Reynolds explained. “With how everything played out in the last few years with the decline and state funding and how we trimmed our staff, we’ve actually ended up with some reasonable class sizes. It’s just kind of leveled off. Those two things have come together.”

Reynolds also noted the fact that although enrollment numbers are down, the number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunches has increased.

EngageOk is coming to Woodward in a week and Reynolds is anticipating around 600 people in attendance. EngageOk is a state department staff development program that visits several cities.

Reynolds drew the board’s attention to a few items on the consent docket before it was approved, including an agreement for educational services at the Northwest Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center for 2019-2020. This agreement was updated to include the new agency taking over operations, Western Plains Youth and Family Services.

The board approved a resolution to endorse the CCOSA Blended/Virtual Learning Framework. This framework allows students to work online but still have access to on-campus benefits.

“We can, for instance, allow a student the opportunity to take coursework online while still being able to come up to the school, see the teacher face-to-face,” Reynolds said. “We can feed them breakfast and lunch. They can still play in band… play football, counseling services.”

The online platform also provides students with the opportunity to work ahead to graduate early or continue coursework if they are homebound.

“We see students being able to personalize their learning experience a lot more than they’ve been able to do in the past,” Reynolds said. “And it’s going to look different.”

Reynolds also mentioned losing a number of students to online charter schools, but hopes this new framework will draw them back to Woodward Public Schools.

The board approved a number of routine items during the meeting following Reynolds’ report:

• Fiscal Year 2020 temporary budget for the temporary appropriation for the general fund, coop fund, building fund, building bond fund, transportation bond fund and Hawkins teacher recruitment fund.

• Financial reports for fiscal year 2020.

• Office supply vendors; SPC Office Supplies and Devine’s Stationery based on highlighted line items as presented.

• Custodial supply vendors; Jenkins & Price and Supply Works based on highlighted items as presented.

• 2019-2020 radio broadcasting agreement awarded to Z-92.

• Encumbrances, claims, supplemental claims, and additional payroll for July 2019.

• Payroll encumbrances for July 2019.

The board voted to enter executive session to discuss the July District Personnel Report and review the contract for Reynolds.

Back in open session, the board approved the July District Personnel Report, which included several new hires the board and Reynolds are excited about.

“The board and I feel really good about some of the hiring that we’ve been able to take advantage of and some of the really high quality staff that we’ve hired over the summer,” Reynolds said. “We all think that’s exciting and it makes us optimistic about the upcoming school year.”

The board approved the superintendent’s contract with two added items. Reynolds is in year two of a three year contract. The board agreed to add two items per Reynolds’ request; legal liability coverage and a non-reassignment clause.