The Board of Woodward County Commissioners will hold their weekly meeting Monday at 10 a.m. at the county courthouse.

Discussion and possible action regarding accessibility to the Woodward County Event Center Safe Room is on the agenda again. Commissioners tabled the item last week for review by the district attorney. As a result of some of the heated discussion, commissioners will be considering acceptance of resignation from Woodward County Fair Board Member Brenton Mayfield.

Also tabled for district attorney review was the warranty deed with the State of Oklahoma acting through the Department of Transportation for lots 15 through 28 inclusive of block 1 of Cline Park second addition to Woodward, which is on the agenda again.

The treasurer’s quarterly report, county officers monthly reports for June, and determining maximum monthly highway expenditures will be considered.

Commissioners will consider financing through Shattuck National Bank for a 2020 Mack GR64F Truck purchased off of State Contract by District 2.

The board will consider an interlocal agreement with the Town of Sharon.

A letter in support of the Oklahoma Emergency Response System Stabilization and improvement revolving fund proposal from Woodward County EMS will be considered.

Commissioners will consider membership dues for O.E.D.A. for the 2020 fiscal year and County Officers and Deputies Association for fiscal year 2019/2020.

The new E-911 Director Ben Smith will receive an introduction to the board.

The board will consider a resolution authorizing the County Treasurer to credit to County General Accounts the interest monies accrued from county highway funds. Commissioners will also consider a blanket resolution authorizing the treasurer to invest available Woodward County funds in various financial institutions at the treasurer’s discretion.

Commissioners will consider a resolution for disposing of equipment for the County Sheriff of three tasers to be junked. Sealed six-month bids will be opened for county wide tires and track hoe services.

Commissioners will also be touring the Northwest Oklahoma Regional Juvenile Detention center with Western Plains Youth & Family Services, Inc. Executive Director Kevin Evans.

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