Retiring from board

Superintendent Kyle Reynolds presents Woodward Board of Education President Doris Ames a plaque for her 15 years of service and retirement from the board. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Woodward Board of Education met Monday evening.

After initial order of business, Doris Ames was presented with a plaque commemorating her retirement from the board after 15 years of service.

“Thank you,” Ames said. “We need somebody in my district to step up. And someone that has got a heart for kids and without an agenda.”

Ames has represented the southeast portion of Woodward. Her resignation is effective end of this month, leaving a two-month window for someone to let the board know if they are interested in serving. The board will be appointing someone to serve for the next year before filing for the next school board election, according to Superintendent Kyle Reynolds.

Reynolds reported that the beginning of the school year has gone well, with a few kinks to work through as staff and parents get use to the new normal.

“It seems to be working very well,” Reynolds said. “Parents have been extremely cooperative with us and communicating and talking to us and helping us out.”

Homecoming (Oct. 25) will be a little different this year with flag football by the high school classes taking the place of the normal game since planned opponent Western Heights canceled its fall sports. A pep rally and parade will be held in the afternoon and the coronation ceremonies start at 6:30 p.m. The flag football games will follow.

The board approved the consent agenda with one amendment. A new policy for sexual harassment incident reports was updated in one area of the form, but not in another.

Each school principal will now be empowered to make the call about fundraisers and field trips, with the board setting parameters on the types.

“My caveat that is you need to have some discretion to approve this to pull reins back on those on the fly as needed,” Reynolds said. “Unless the conditions warrant that when we get to that point. (For example) if that's a March (field trip or) fundraiser, we need to know what's going on in March, whether or not that trip (or fundraiser) actually gets to happen.”

Clarification was also made regarding the extra duty stipends. The English Language Academic Plan is similar to an IEP, which entails more paperwork for the teachers.

Reynolds also bragged on Virtual Learning Coordinator Steve Foster.

“To his credit, he stepped up to do this not knowing how much work it would take,” Reynolds said. “I mean, he has been working on this effort to help get our virtual learning programs off the ground since June, July.”

The board also approved a yearly resolution to cover all alternate education cooperative expenses that exceed the amount of revenue received by the State. Expenses in this program are approximately $160,000 with $75,000 to $80,000 left to be covered through the general fund, according to Deputy Superintendent Jerry Burch.

A new hearing impairment service agreement was approved with Johnna C. Morris, Au.D., an audiologist specialist out of Oklahoma City.

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