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U. S. Rep. Frank Lucas visits with workers at the site on Edgewater Drive where Pioneer Telephone Cooperative is installing fiber. Pioneer will install more than 65 miles of fiber over the course of the project. Lucas and other officials were on hand to see the work in progress Thursday. (Photo by Johnny McMahan)

Third District U. S. Rep. Frank Lucas visited a Woodward residential section along Edgewater Drive to see progress Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Inc. is making on the new fiber-optic installation.

“We’re showing the congressman how the fiber to the home is being done,” Pioneer General Manager Richard Ruhl commented. “We’re really excited about coming into Woodward.”

Lucas visited with contractors, marveling about, “how amazing the technology is to have machines that can punch a hole all the way 300 feet.”

One contractor said another machine working in another area of Woodward can bore as far as 500 feet at a time.

“Looks like very minimal footprint,” Lucas observed. “I mean you can’t see that they’ve been here.”

Lucas asked several questions as he visited with the contractors on scene, finding out the project will be in five phases lasting about two years.

“The community will benefit dramatically from it. And once installed, it’ll be here for a long, long time,” Lucas said. “So getting us up to compete with the rest of the world, it's just critical. The younger generation, as you know, is not going to tolerate old style communications or old style technology.”

According to Pioneer the project is in excess of a $10 million investment for the Woodward community and will include the installation of over 65 miles of fiber.

Joining Lucas and top Pioneer officials were State Sen. Casey Murdock and State Rep. Mike Dobrinski

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