During the month of December Family Wellness Center is hosting a unique fundraiser for Grace Living Center. Their goal is to collect 100 puzzle books to bring hours of entertainment and joy to local residents.

Whitney Navarro said their team wanted to do something for what sometimes seems like a forgotten generation. They came up with this idea together with Dr. Barbie Phillips.

“We decided that would be a good area to reach out to,” Navarro said.

In a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association researchers observed a decreased risk in mild cognitive impairment in elderly individuals who play games and engage in craft activities.

“Your brain is like silly putty. You can mold it. Stretch it. Change it,” is how Senior Living explains what neurosurgeons call plasticity. “Even as we age, we are still able to grow and stretch parts of our brain. Its nerve tissues grow like muscle.”

Senior Living suggested sudoku logic puzzles. Phillips’ team is looking for any puzzle or activity books that will help stimulate the seniors.

“Crosswords, word-search, I mean really just anything that would give them some mental activity.”

You can deliver puzzle books Monday through Thursday to the donation drop offs inside the Family Wellness Center in Woodward or Creation Chiropractic in Fargo. They will also be accepting money to purchase puzzle books if you would like to donate in that way.

For more information call Family Wellness Center at 580-256-7123.