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As is true with most Oklahoma weather, the forecast over the next couple of days is a bit of a toss up.

According to Woodward Emergency Manager Matt Lehenbauer, the chances of precipitation for northwest Oklahoma will go up beginning around noon on Thursday and continue through noon on Friday.

A good part of Northwest Oklahoma is under a winter weather advisory for Thursday.

The type of precipitation during that time period is more difficult to predict, according to Lehenbauer. If it’s a few degrees below freezing, it could be snow/ice. However if it’s a few degrees over freezing, it could be rain.

Don’t trust the forecast too much right now, Lehenbauer said. You could look at three news stations and get three different predictions, he joked.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Lehenbauer is predicting snowfall around noon on Thursday, shifting into freezing rain or snow pellets around sunset, and then turning into rain after midnight. Rain should taper off by noon on Friday.

Lehenbauer warns that the forecast can change hourly so if traveling, review weather conditions prior to hitting the road.

“Slick spots most likely will affect elevated roadways and bridges Friday morning,” Lehenbauer said.

By Friday afternoon, highs are expected to be in the 40s and 50s.

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