Woodward County Commissioners held their weekly meeting Monday morning at the courthouse.

In new or unforeseen business, District 1 Commissioner Troy White updated the board on progress being made at the Juvenile Detention Center. The painting is almost finished and flooring soon to be installed. According to White, several appliances are not working or were taken by Eastern Oklahoma Youth Services Inc. (EOYS). A range, freezer, refrigerator, washer and drier will all need to be purchased.

The procedure for getting bids will start today, White said.

“It's interesting to note there was a camera system that was in the facility when the previous contractor left, they took it,” White added. “However, it's my understanding Shafer Electronics has reached out to Western Plains to let them know that camera system was never paid for. It was put in about six months ago.”

White said he will be taking a crew out to remove some trees that have grown up against the building and are in the way of the internet service.

“Western Plains Youth and Family Services already spent almost $7,000 of their own money to help further the project along because they realize that it's a financial burden on us as well. July 15 is a potential date for opening, if inspection from the state is completed at that point in time," White said.

White also took time to thank the sheriff for saving the county money by hiring a service vendor for the jail kitchen.

“I wanted to thank to sheriff for his leadership in this. I know he understands our financial situation in the county. And that single contract alone will, if I remember correctly, save us over $40,000 a year,” White stated. “Also, I wanted to note a few weeks before that the County Treasurer invested some of our CD money and our carryover money into a new to us investment program called CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service) to really start capitalizing on the amount of interest that the county does earn. All these things together will help our situation, so thank you both.”

The board approved for ODOT to purchase real property lots 15 through 28 Block 1 of Cline Park second addition.

The present company holding the courthouse lawn service contract communicated with commissioners that they will uphold the contract as bid.

Commissioners approved reappointment of Randy Johnson and Robert Haller Jr. to the E911 Board.

An application for temporary appropriations for the fiscal year 2019 to 2020 was approved for the Woodward County General government. 

Woodward County Event Center Executive Director Jon Marc Holt updated the board on cost and information regarding the event center safe room. Holt said the safe room at the event center has a capacity to hold a maximum of 42 people. Redirecting door locks will cost an estimated $210 and if the OSU Extension office wants, locks on the cabinetry will cost approximately $1,143. According to Holt, that cost will come out of Fair Board funds.

District 2 Commissioner Randy Johnson discussed use of county deductible fund for hail damage incurred on the evening of Wednesday, June 19. The adjuster will be coming Wednesday morning to assess damage to county properties.

Commissioners approved a contract with Western Plains Youth & Family Services, Inc. for services at Northwest Oklahoma Regional Juvenile Detention center and the contract for the fiscal year 2020 with Oklahoma Juvenile Detention Transportation.

The 2019 to 2020 Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma (ACCO) Self Insured Group (SIG) property and liability insurance renewal quote and resolution was approved.

The board renewed the contracts for the Woodward County Health Department for the fiscal year 2019 through 2020.

Commissioners approved closing the courthouse for Friday, July 5.