When Cliff and Gina Francis moved from California to Oklahoma they could see everything in their lives falling into place.

On Oct. 1, 2007 the Francises opened their Main Street shop called Woodward Fruit and Nut Company.

After having a successful online business selling fruits, nuts and other healthy snacks for two years the couple dreamed of opening a shop.

“We saw the building,” said Gina Francis of the Main Street location. “I fell in love with the building and I could see this little shop come to play.”

The shop has indeed proved successful and fruit and nuts are not the only items in the store.

Aside from dried fruits and nuts of all varieties Woodward Fruit and Nut, Co. also sells chocolate covered fruits and nuts, trail mix, soy candles, a large variety of jams, brownie mixes, cookie mixes, muffin mixes, pancake mixes and almond flour.

Almond flour is a gluten free flour with the health benefits of almonds including Vitamin E, magnesium and helps to lower cholesterol. Francis said her online store sold about 200 pounds of almond flour each month.

And when it comes to almonds, Francis is an expert.

“I used to work for the largest independent almond grower in the world,” said Francis, speaking of Braden Farms. “They have producing almonds down to a science.”

The shop has ready made gift baskets available but will also custom make gift baskets at the customer’s request.

“We do gift baskets for any occasion,” said Francis. “We deliver free within the city of Woodward.”

Coming from California where healthy eating is a way of life, Francis said the products at Woodward Fruit and Nut, Co. are a healthy alternative to most snack foods and the store motto is, “Where healthy meets delicious.”

The Francises also spend time working at the Woodward Livestock Auction and raising their own horses.

Aside from their healthy snacking ways the Francises have left their quick paced California lifestyle behind them and embraced an Oklahoma way of life.

“I love Oklahoma,” said Francis. “The people are so friendly.”

The move to Oklahoma may be the best decision they ever made.

“Our dreams actually came true when we moved here,” said Francis.