Four days after Katherine Pollard was arrested and charged with the murder of her son Logan Tucker in 2002, Pollard’s mother, Connie Henson, is making it clear she believes her daughter is guilty.

Henson also said she still loves her daughter.

“If I could talk to her I would tell her that I love her and forgive her for what she has done,” Henson said. “I would ask her to please tell us where Logan is. No one deserves to be buried where he is at. We want to find him and give him a proper burial. A burial that Logan deserves.”

“The last time I talked to my daughter was when she was arrested for bogus checks. She didn’t mention anything about Logan or anything about her situation in Woodward.”

Pollard was arrested for bogus checks when she moved from Woodward to the Kansas City area shortly after Logan Tucker was reported missing. According to Pollard at her arraignment Friday, she was living in Dewey where she worked as a secretary for a local church and had remarried.

“I had heard she was working for a church but I did not know she was married until just yesterday,” said Henson on Monday. “I knew she was in the Bartlesville area but I never saw her. I drive through Dewey every week to visit my mother but I never saw her or that I know of.”

As for the case and waiting nearly four years before making an arrest, A. J. Laubhan of the Woodward County District Attorney’s Office says that it really came down to trying to find Logan’s body before the case moved on.

“The time lapse from the time of the crime to now was really in hopes that we would find Logan’s body,” said Laubhan. “We wanted to give the sheriff’s office time to pursue all leads and after time had passed we believed it was time to move on an arrest in the case. There is no magic time when dealing with something of this nature, and we wanted to make sure we explored options and the hope that Logan’s body or more evidence could be found.”

As the District Attorney’s office moves forward with the trial of Katherine Pollard, it must do so without the body or whereabouts of Logan Tucker.

“This is the first murder case tried in Woodward County where a body has not been discovered,” said Laubhan. “We have called for the help of Assistant District Attorney Chris Ross of Ponotoc County to assist us with the trial who has extensive experience and the most experience in the state of Oklahoma dealing with murder trials where a body has not been located.”

Reached for comment, Ross said, “I have prosecuted murder cases with no body and have taught classes for the District Attorney’s Association on prosecuting a murder case without a body.”

Ross, who reviewed the case at least three weeks prior to the arrest of Pollard, said he will be present for the preliminary hearing set for May 23.

“I was sent the material and reviewed it in a three-day period before I signed on to help with the case in Woodward,” Ross said. “We can try a case without a body and there is not a legal impediment in not having a body. Death can be proved without a body.”

As for Tucker’s younger brother Justin, who is quoted in the affidavit as telling a DHS employee and FBI agent that he saw his mother take a shovel and some plastic along with Logan out into a field, he is living with his father, said Woodward County Sheriff Les Morton. The younger boy was four at the time of Logan’s disappearance.

“Justin’s father obtained custody of him right after all of this started,” said Morton. “Pollard has moved around somewhat after she left Woodward but it seems she has been in the Bartlesville area for past couple of years at least. We have reports that she has been working at the First United Methodist Church in Dewey and worked at a Homeland grocery store for a time as well.”

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