Friday evening, Ellis County Sheriff Shane Booth issued the following news release concerning an investigation in the Lake Vincent area that began Thursday.

On June 13th, 2019 the Ellis County Sheriff, Shane Booth received a phone call asking if law enforcement had been looking for a small SUV. The SUV was described as blue in color and parked in an unusual location in some trees southeast of the Lake Vincent area. The description of the vehicle fit a missing vehicle and person out of Booker, Texas from May of 2018.

Once on scene, the vehicle was confirmed to be that of Hobart Buxton, from Booker, Texas. Hobart Buxton and the vehicle had not been seen since around May 3rd of 2018.

OSBI was called to assist with the investigation and Texas authorities involved in the disappearance were contacted. 
After the arrival of OSBI, the scene was further investigated, and human remains were located. The decision was reached to back out of the scene and wait until Friday morning to further investigate and start processing the vehicle and surrounding area. The Sheriff’s Office kept the scene secure through the night. 

On Friday (06-14-2019) morning all agencies re-grouped at the scene and shut down the county road. The scene was then searched and processed by the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from OSBI, the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office, Lipscomb County Sheriff’s Office (Texas), Texas Rangers, FBI and a Texas Special Ranger. Ellis County District 3 and Arnett Fire Department also assisted the Sheriff’s Office with materials for the investigation.

The located remains were packaged and taken into possession by the Medical Examiner’s Office for identification and evidence for the cause of death. When the remains are positively identified, that information will be released by the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office. There was nothing located at the scene to make any agency involved think there was any suspicious criminal activity involved.

Shane Booth, Sheriff

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