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Oklahoma Humanities, in cooperation with Plains Indians & Pioneers Historical Foundation, announces the Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit, “Crossroads: Change in Rural America,” is coming to Oklahoma. 

The Plains Indians & Pioneers Museum in Woodward was chosen as one of six sites across the state to host the exhibit.

“Crossroads” will tour the state from September 2021 through April 2022. The exhibit will be on display in Tishomingo, Fort Gibson, Nowata, Woodward, Pawnee, and Boley.

Americans come together at the crossroads. They invest in places and build their futures where their paths cross. Small towns became centers of commerce, trade, local politics, and culture. For some, the crossroads affirmed a new life in a new place. For others, the crossroads meant hard work and hard times.

Oklahomans will have a unique opportunity to consider their crossroads stories through the exhibit’s themes of rural identity, community, land, perseverance, and managing change. Each site will engage visitors in complementary programming, celebrating their town’s history and accomplishments and addresses community concerns.

“Crossroads: Change in Rural America” has been made possible in Woodward by Oklahoma Humanities. The exhibition at the Museum is set for February – March 2022.

“Crossroads: Change in Rural America” is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and State Humanities Councils nationwide. Support for Museum on Main Street has been provided by the United States Congress.

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