Another Woodward resident has given time to help in the Hurricane relief effort.

Jennifer Brewer went to Gulfport, Miss. earlier this month and volunteered her time at a nursing home. The nursing home Brewer attended was running low on staff because so many of the staff had lost their homes or evacuated to avoid Hurricane Katrina.

“I went down there with four other nurses from Oklahoma City and Tulsa to just lend a hand to the area nursing homes that had staff that had left and just never came back,” Brewer said. “The people down there were all so very friendly and everyone were so grateful that we were there helping. I worked in the nursing home because of my experience working at the Grace Living Center here in Woodward, so I knew what do to when we got down there.”

Brewer, like many others from the area who have been to the Gulf Coast, was amazed by all of the destruction.

“You could start seeing up-rooted trees about 100 miles from the coast and it just got worse the closer you got to the ocean. Workers had just traveled down the highway we were on, cutting trees to clear a path for the people coming to help,” Brewer said. “The destruction was everywhere. We could only get a mile away from the beach because of the danger that was still there with debris and disease and the only people they were letting down there were people who had houses down there or people who owned businesses in the area and that wasn’t for very long.

“They had razor wire and guards on the railroad tracks so no one could get across because the tracks were one mile from the coast and that is how far the flood waters had came in.”

Brewer worked as a nurse’s aide in the nursing home during the night shift because the home was running very low on aides to help the nurses that were there.

“I am an R.N. but we did what the people down there needed and I was happy to do it. I would have no problem going down there again and I think we may be planning another trip soon to help out more,” Brewer said.

As for the morale of the people of Gulfport, Brewer said, “The spirits were very high even though there was such disaster in the area. The only thing I saw was that many people were frustrated having to wait to receive aid because the Red Cross and FEMA were so overwhelmed. They were only able to help 1,000 people per day and one woman I worked with waited in line eight hours to receive a check to help her get the things she needed, but overall the mood of everyone was very good.”

“One woman were cared for even sent us home with an angel figurine to show her thanks and we were all very happy to of helped these people in such a tragic time,” Brewer said.

To donate to the relief effort contact the Red Cross at 580-256-3828