A Woodward native will soon have her first novel published.

Malena Lott, a 1990 graduate of Woodward High School, now residing in Oklahoma City will see her book in print in June.

“I got the idea for the novel when I was pregnant with my first son Harrison,” Lott said. “ I had been reading a lot of non-fiction pregnancy books and wondered if I could write a fiction novel over the changes a woman goes through during a pregnancy.”

The novel, “The Stork Reality” tells of an advertising executive who is very reluctant about becoming a mother and her journey to motherhood.

“It goes through the transition that not just this woman but every woman goes through on their way to being a mother,” Lott said.

Lott’s first draft was completed in 2000 and won the Mainstream Writers Award in Oklahoma.

“After I won the award I used it as fuel to finding an agent and after I found my agent I moved on to trying to find a publisher. Dorrchester Publishing located in New York will be publishing my novel and my agent is located in Washington so this novel has pulled people together from across the country,” Lott said. “It has really taken around eight years for this novel to get on its feet so I guess you could say the gestation period of this novel was eight years long,” Lott said jokingly.

Lott still has roots in Woodward and says she would love to come back for a book signing.

“I would love to come back to Woodward and promote my novel. My sister Tina Blouse who teaches fifth grade at the middle school still lives in Woodward so I still have close ties to the area,” Lott said.

Lott is now working on her a book that covers the life of a woman who returns to home town to start a new life.

Lott said, “My third novel covers life, death, and love. I have drawn a lot of my inspiration from Woodward and the people I knew growing up there.

“I have many great memories about living and growing up in Woodward. I worked at K-101 radio all through high school and still keep in touch with many people from back home.”

Lott is an advertising executive in Oklahoma City. She has been married now for 11 years to her husband Rod and has three children.

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