This map shows a possible path this photo could have taken from Woodward to south of Haven, Kan.

A Haven, Kan. woman recently recovered an artifact near her home, that she believes was carried more than 100 miles by the April 15 Woodward tornado.

Shawna DeGraffenried contacted The News after she found the artifact while riding her horse along E. Silver Lake Road near Cheney Reservoir south of Haven, Kan. on Sunday, April 29, just 2 weeks after the tornado.

According to The News' calculations, this means the artifact ended up approximately 125 miles from Woodward, if you go in a direct line.

DeGraffenried mailed the item to The News hoping to eventually reunite the artifact with its owner.

The artifact is laminated copies of old newspaper clippings.  

On one side is a photo from a youth soccer clinic taught by Joe Pasquali from the University of Tulsa.  The photo is not dated.

On the other side is a copy of a 1988 article about the Regional Sooner State Games, in which young, amateur athletes from around Northwest Oklahoma competed in 5 sports - softball, soccer, tennis, bowling and basketball. Beside the article is a soccer bracket and a cutout listing the team members of the Woodward Gold team that was competing in that 1988 10-under Soccer tournament.  Among the listed children's names is Jason Pack, which is underlined.

The News believes the artifact may belong to the same Jason Pack, who the newspaper spoke with following the storm as he shared how the tornado ripped him away from the couch where he was sleeping that fateful night as it destroyed his home.

The artifact will be available to be reclaimed by Mr. Pack or a family member at the Woodward News office.


A note to our readers

April 15, 2012 is a day most everyone will remember.

The tornado that swept through the west side of the city left a trail of devastation and 6 deaths, including 2 southwest of town before Woodward was hit.

Almost certainly, however, everyone in Woodward was affected in one way or another. For instance, one employee of our paper lost his home, another was injured during the tornado, yet another rode out the storm in a bathtub. Those stories almost certainly can be repeated at any local business or organization.

The Woodward News and various other news organizations have published stories of the storm, survivors and the recovery that is in progress.

We are looking to publish even more.

Our summer edition of BoomTown magazine will focus on the tornado and the recovery.

In doing this we are asking for help from our readers. We want you to share your stories of survival, or escaping the storm, how you or your friends were affected, your thoughts on the rescue and recovery effort, the future and anything else you want to share about the tornado.  We would also love to hear from the volunteers who so generously responded in our time of need.

For this edition, we would like to gather as many personal stories as possible to go with our other coverage.

You can send your stories to Or you can mail them to the Woodward News, PO Box 928, Woodward, OK 73802.  

Please include your contact information, including name and phone number, so we may contact you for additional information.  The phone number will not be published.

We ask that you send in your stories by May 18.


We are also looking for photographs of special items that folks were able to recover after the storm.  Please include some details about the item, why it means so much to you and how you felt when you recovered it.

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