Election Day will be here before you know it.

And if you want to have your say in voting for the next president or in deciding several state questions this Nov. 6, you don't have long to make sure your voter registration is up to date.

For those who are not registered to vote, or who need to  update their address or switch party affiliation, the deadline to register is Oct. 12. Registration forms are available in the County Election Board office at the courthouse.

By applying before Oct. 12, you should receive a voter registration card in time for the general election.

This is important because you will have to show a registration card or some kind of government-issued identification with a photo in order to cast a ballot on Nov. 6, said Carol Carrell, Woodward County Election Board Secretary.

"Some documents that may be presented as proof of identity include an Oklahoma driver license, a state identification card, a passport or a military identification," Carrell said. "Any item used for voting must have been issued by the state, the federal government, or a federally-recognized tribal government."

Whatever ID you present should also be current, meaning that it doesn't expire until after the election date, she said.

Carrell said the law also states that the name on the ID must "substantially conform" to the voter's name on the precinct registry.

For example, she said a person who registers under a nickname might have difficulty when they showed their identification that lists their legal name.

However, she explained that someone who signed into voter registration as Sue, but their identification shows Susan, would "substantially conform."

For questions about voter registration, contact the Election Board for more information at (580) 256-3609.

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