In a quick meeting Friday afternoon, 3 members of the Woodward Tourism Committee approved granting $1,400 to the Oklahoma Horseshoe Pitchers Association (OHPA).

The special tourism meeting, which was slated for 4 p.m. Friday, was over by 4:02 p.m.

According to chair Gary Goetzinger, the committee approved funding the organization at the same level it did last year.  He said the money would help the OHPA purchase prizes and awards for their state tournament, which is being held today at Crystal Beach Park.

However, committee member Helen Mossman told The News, “we didn’t even state a figure in the motion.”

It was Jim Curtiss, executive director of the Woodward Tourism and Convention Bureau (TCB), who told The News that the funding was for $1,400, after noting that is how much was granted to the organization a year ago as well.

This grant is in addition to costs incurred by the TCB to provide breakfast and lunch for the tournament participants.  But Curtiss said the cost for the meals was not put before the tourism committee because “meals fall under promotion.”  While the committee votes on contributions to others, it is within Curtiss’ purview as executive director to make decisions regarding promotional spending.

However, the committee seemed happy to support the horseshoe pitchers, especially Goetzinger who described it as “a good organization; they bring lots of people to Woodward.”

As to why the $1,400 grant was approved at the last minute instead of being included on the agenda for last week’s monthly tourism meeting, Curtiss said it was an oversight on his part.

“I was off for 2 weeks,” he said, noting he had been dealing with some family issues.  “And I didn’t get it in in time for the regular meeting.”

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