The High Plains Technology Center Board of Education received a favorable audit report Monday during their monthly meeting.

The audit was presented by auditor Pat Carroll with the Chas. W. Carroll Auditing Firm.  Carroll said there were no reportable conditions for any part of the audit.  

Board member John Meinders asked Carroll what the technology center could do to continue to improve.

The auditor told them they could try to focus more on adult education, as that is the biggest area for technology schools. Carroll said HPTC is already doing a good job promoting high school students but said it's "an area that won't grow as much as adult education."

However, he said the school is doing a good job by "looking for different programs all the time [because] that keeps additional people coming in here."

The board was apparently pleased with the auditing job as they approved a contract to rehire the Chas. W. Carroll Auditing Firm to conduct the next Fiscal Year audit.


After the audit was presented, there was a reorganization of the board leadership. The president is now John Meinders, the vice president is Ray Yauk and the clerk is Steve Bogdahn.

The board then approved the reemployment of the following instructors and coordinators for fiscal year 2013 as a group: Tracy Borden, Polly Cottom, Bronson Ellis, Jerri Gadberry, Susan Griffin, Penny Guthrie, Tom Hoock, Gary Jacobs, Michelle Ketcherside, Evelynn Morris, Pat Pyle, Micky Pingry, Forrest Rogers, Karen Rogers, David Stone, Vic Terbush and Dolores Woodruff.

"It's a good group, I'll say that," said Dwight Hughes, superintendent of HPTC.

The board also approved the hiring of 3 part-time employees to be substitute teachers pending results of a favorable background check.

In other business, the HPTC board approved several financial items on the agenda including general fund encumbrances in the amount of $288,684.44, payroll encumbrances in the amount of $6,459, and the activity fund report for February. The treasurer's report was also given.

The Comprehensive Local Education Plan (CLEP) for Fiscal Year 2011 to 2016 was also discussed and approved by the board.

"This (CLEP) is something we do every year," Hughes said.

Rachelle Rogers, board minutes clerk, said CLEP is basically a strategic plan for what the technology center wants to accomplish over those 5 years. It includes everything from major building updates to doing strategic employee training, she said.


Snap-On Tools also wanted to donate tools to the school and since the retail value of the tools were over $1,000, the donation had to be discussed and approved by the board first. The retail value of the donation was about $13,000, which the board accepted.

"Snap-On has been here, and toured, and looked at what we're doing with our energy plan and they're impressed enough that they want to put their name on the side of the mobile lab," Hughes said. "So they're going to donate some tools to be able to put their name on the side of the truck so that's what that donation is for."

Members of the board also added that Snap-On tools are nice because they have a lifetime warranty and if they get broken, can be replaced for free.

In addition to accepting new equipment from Snap-On, the board also declared some equipment surplus so it may be taken to auction. Hughes said the equipment approved for auction included items they no longer use such as computer equipment, cabinets, and things they have previously approved as surplus.


During the superintendent's report, Hughes announced the school had 2 first place winners at the Career Tech's 2012 State Leadership Conference. The board discussed and agreed to pay to send the first place winners to the national competition as they do every year.

Listed below are winners through 5th place in the conference..

First place:

◦Brandy Cruz - Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

◦Samantha Gandy - Desktop Publishing

Second place:

◦Jessica LeBlanc - Interview Skills

◦Samantha Gandy, Cynthia Villegas, Mark Walser - Presentation Management Team

◦Shawn Haskins - Quick Service Management

Third place:

◦Desiree Walser - Advanced Interview Skills

◦Mary Shifflett - Human Resource Management, Desktop Publishing

◦Lacey McAdoo - Sports Marketing

◦Griffin Steele - Automotive Marketing

Fourth place:

◦Jordan Brown - Computer Network Technology

◦Brittany Brunson - Retail Merchandising

◦Azu Altamirano - Food Marketing

◦Brandy Cruz - Parliamentary Procedures

Fifth place:

◦Dawson Coulter - PC Servicing & Troubleshooting

◦Jordan Brown - Information Technology Concepts

◦Desiree Walser - Insurance Concepts

◦Mark Walser - Database Applications

◦Bobbie Dewald - Marketing/Management

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