The votes are in and the finalists are selected for Woodward’s 2007 Teacher of the Year award.

Tuesday morning Tara Burnett, president of the Professional Development Committee, and Curriculum Director Debbie Harrington made their rounds to the classrooms of each of the six finalists and surprised them with the news.

The six finalists were Mandy Rowley who teaches first grade at Cedar Heights Elementary, Cheryl Lucas who teaches third grade at Horace Mann Elementary, Brenda Gartrell who teaches fifth grade at Woodward Middle School, Jim Hunt who teaches seventh grade geography at Woodward Middle School, Jo Lynn Love who teaches enriched English at Woodward High School and Rita Barnett who teaches social studies at Woodward High School.

“It’s very exciting,” said Gartrell who went on to say that it is very meaningful to know her colleagues think enough of her to cast their vote for her.

“I had not a clue,” said a surprised Jim Hunt upon receiving the news that he was a finalist. “It’s a great honor.”

“I’m so shocked!” said Mandy Rowley. “I’m shaking!”

Each finalist must prepare a written portfolio describing their teaching career. The portfolio must include a basic data sheet, a professional biography, a description of the finalist’s philosophy of teaching, a description of the teaching profession, and comments on professional development. No additional materials may be included.

Portfolios must be submitted by Feb. 2.

The portfolios will be evaluated by a panel of six judges from all over the state. The judges are chosen by the Professional Development Committee and all have a connection to education. The judges will not be from Woodward.

The Teacher of the Year winner will be announced in spring at a reception hosted by the Woodward News.

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