Dr. Sean Champion, the new general surgeon at Woodward Regional Hospital, in an exam room at the hospital. Champion's first day at WRH was Monday, June 11.

Woodward Regional Hospital recently welcomed a new general surgeon to its roster of physicians.

Dr. Sean Champion, a Utah native, is board eligible with the American College of Surgeons and received his medical degree from St. George's University School of Medicine in Grenada, West Indies.

His general surgery residency was completed at the Medical College of Georgia and he practiced in Western Arkansas for 5 years before moving to Woodward. During that time Champion said he practiced in a small community of 5,000 and is now looking forward to working with more colleagues.

"From a professional standpoint I'm looking forward to having more resources available and being able to offer more services," he said.

From a more personal standpoint, Champion is looking forward to getting to know his patients, get more involved with the community and "feel like we're a name, not a number," he said.

However, Champion and his wife Canaan are not completely new to the Woodward area.  They first became acquainted with the community when Canaan worked at the hospital as a certified registered nurse anesthetist as part on a traveling contractual basis.

After receiving a call "out of the blue" from one of Caanan's old coworkers asking them to join the surgical crew, the couple decided to move to Woodward, he said.

"It came at a point in time where change would do us well," he said.

Champion believes being a general surgeon is a very rewarding career because he gets to see direct results of his work.

"We cut it, fix it, and I get to see the results immediately," he said.

Growing up, Champion spent time on his uncle's dairy farm in Wyoming where his interest in medical practice first began. He would help with medical needs of the animals such as sewing up lacerations.

"It was fascinating to me to see the medical aspect of it," he said. "I thought it would be a good career, except on humans."

Champion offers services such as endoscopies, colonoscopies, hernia repair, vasectomies, carpel tunnel repair and more.  Through his website he is also able to connect with his patients through a "Patient Portal."

The "Patient Portal" link on his webpage allows patents to pre-register instead of filling out a bunch of paperwork at the hospital.  It also allows patients to view lab results online and serve as an online communication tool where Champion can send them messages.

"I'm real excited about that," he said. "Now if we could just convince some of our older patients to get on the computer and fill in the blanks, it'd really speed things along."

For more information or to view Dr. Sean Champion's webpage visit www.championsurgery.com.


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