Woodward was visited Friday by the State President of the Oklahoma Emergency Management Association Mike Galloway.

“I have been very pleased to see the positive things occurring here in Woodward and Woodward County with emergency management,” said Galloway. “It is a good thing when you see so many entities of law enforcement as well as emergency services working so well together.”

State Secretary of OEMA Taunia Bozarth was also in Woodward as Woodward City/County Emergency Management Director Matt Lehenbauer gave a guided tour of operations within the city and county.

“We were very pleased to have these representatives from OEMA here today,” said Lehenbauer. “They wanted to see how the Woodward Emergency Management worked and also take a look at some of the new technology we are using here in the county.”

Woodward County Emergency Management is currently using new technologies such as Doppler radar to help determine when severe weather is in the area. Also, OEMA representatives took a look at the LEPC command post, which is currently in use at the Woodward County Landfill in the search for Logan Tucker.

“It is amazing how Woodward County can pull all the resources together in this search,” said Galloway. “It is pleasing to see that Emergency Management in Woodward County is helping out in this search with the command post. Also, the support of the Woodward County Commissioners is exceptional.

“I was surprised but very pleased to see Commissioner (Vernie) Matt and Commissioner (Ralph) Triplett out here working to help find this young man. It is a true sign that every agency and department here in Woodward County can work together for the betterment of all.”

OEMA represents over 400 state, county, city and tribal emergency agencies in terms of aid and support.

“Usually emergency management doesn’t work that closely with law enforcement,” said Lehenbauer. “However, we here in Woodward County respond to any call for help we get whether it be from a fire or from law enforcement.

“Mr. Galloway and Ms. Bozarth wanted to look at the sheriff’s department operations to see how we and they work together. It is something that OEMA is taking a very long look at, to incorporate on a statewide level.”

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