The Crystal Beach Park sports complex project is still in the works and according to officials has entered into more of a planning phase going into the new year.

City officials are making moves to step into the planning both physically and financially for the project and look to have the project started sometime in 2007.

“We are in the primary stages of planning right now and are setting up committees to review and meet with the architect to aid in design plans,” said Alan Riffel, Woodward city manager. “This project will be election funded but it will not raise taxes. It will extend taxes but no taxes will be raised to fund the Crystal Beach project.”

Officials have put together tentative plans for the project and expect the park to be worked on in phases when construction begins.

“The project would be worked on in phases but really what will be worked on at (any) certain time depends on the seasons and the weather a great deal,” said Riffel.

Woodward city leaders along with the Parks and Beautification Board met Tuesday to discuss new signs welcoming travelers into Woodward as well as a major tree project that will line the roads of highways coming into Woodward from the south and east.

Plans are in the works according to the board and citizens could see work on the signs and the trees very soon.

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