One week of piece-by-piece searching for Logan Tucker at the Woodward County Landfill has finished.

Authorities believe they are in the right area and things are progressing well.

“Our timeline is good,” said Woodward County Undersheriff Monty Clem. “We are still digging in the same area as we were at the beginning of the week, but I feel we are very close to where we need to be. I believe we are in the right spot.”

A few snags have come up, though, primarily the increase in temperature the area has seen over the past few days.

“It is really hot down there in that hole,” said Clem. “There really isn’t much of a breeze coming through. The temperature gauge we have down there read 107. It is hard to concentrate on looking through every piece of trash that is brought up when it gets hot down there.”

To combat heat fatigue six searchers are working in teams of three on either one hour or two hour shifts.

“We started on two hour shifts Friday morning, “said Clem. “However, as the heat made its way up we moved to one hour shifts. Just spending one hour down in there can really take it out of you. We must stay diligent in our search.”

The other problem facing the search teams in the trash that may be marked 2002, but is from another community other than Woodward.

Logan Tucker has been missing since June of 2002. He was six years old at the time. Authorities are using newspapers, addresses on bills and any other dated material they can find to narrow the search.

“Since this is a multi-county landfill we have found several areas of 2002 material. This material that we are finding have been from Laverne, Arnett, and several areas in Harper County,” Clem said. “We have found material from 2002 in Woodward but is very loosely scattered. We haven’t a good layer of Woodward material from 2002.”

Clem reports that two trackhoes, two front-end loaders, and one dump truck are aiding the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office in the search for Logan Tucker.

“We are starting to be more efficient with our digging and searching,” said Clem. “When we started on Monday we learned as we went but, now we have taken the best ideas and have put them to the front concerning the search. We have learned a lot over this past week.”

Authorities are looking for a suitcase that they believe will have the body of Logan Tucker inside. They are working on a recent tip they have called their best yet in this nearly four-year old case.

Logan Tucker’s mother, Katherine Pollard, who was arrested in February for first-degree murder in the disappearance of her son will be back in court in the coming week.

Pollard is scheduled to appear in the Woodward County District Court at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Associate District Judge, Joseph Marak will hear arguments concerning several issues dealing with the murder case, including the defendant’s motion to dismiss the case.

Also heard will be a motion that has been sealed by the court as well as a motion filed by the State to have Pollard’s defense attorney, David Christian, removed from the case.

Christian has also filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of his client against the Woodward County D.A.’s Office and the Woodward County Sheriffs Department. The lawsuit claims a violation of the defendant’s civil rights by both the D.A. and Sheriff’s Office.

Pollard is in the Woodward County Jail in lieu of a $250,000 bond. She has been jailed since her arrest in late February. An attempt to reduce the bail was turned down recently by the court.

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