What were you doing when you were 13 years old? You probably were not planning an Eagle Scout project like Jeff Weidemann was.

On Feb. 28 Weidemann, now 15, was recognized as an Eagle Scout at the Cimarron Council Boy Scouts of American Annual Council Recognition Banquet in Enid.

When Weidemann began his scouting career back in grade school as a Cub Scout, he always knew he wanted to achieve Eagle Scout status.

One of the main requirements to become an Eagle Scout is the completion of a service project. The project must allow the scout to demonstrate his ability to lead and do something to benefit the community.

For his service project, Weidemann decided to upgrade playground equipment at the First Christian Church.

The idea for the project came when Weidemann’s father heard at a scout meeting that the church had funds and plans available for new equipment, but did not have someone to construct it.

Weidemann jumped at the chance to accomplish the project and submitted his papers to have the project count toward his Eagle Scout status in February 2007.

When his papers were approved by the scouting board, he told the church to order the equipment.

Construction began on the new playground equipment in April 2007. Weidemann, other scouts and parents took 319 total hours to complete the project. It was finished in May 2007.

Weidemann said the project was pretty involved, but all worth it when the children at the church’s daycare were able to play on it.

“I thought it turned out good,” he said.

The most involved part of the project was the digging of 28 holes for poles used to support the playground equipment.

The original equipment stood on a platform of wood chips, spongy material and concrete. This caused some problems when Weidemann wanted to install supports for the playground equipment.

To combat these problems, Weidemann and his helpers had to hand dig holes by removing the wood chips and cutting holes in the spongy material underneath.

Cement trucks were brought in once poles for support were placed in the ground. After completing the holes, everything else seemed easy.

Now that he is an Eagle Scout, Weidemann has given some thought to his future although he is unsure of what he will do once he finishes school. Of course, he is only 15 right now.

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