The Amber Fawn Wooton-Clark Memorial Scholarship Committee has announced they successfully reached their goal. Thanks to fundraising efforts and support from the community, the scholarship will be a permanent endowment.

The committee sent out an announcement thanking everyone for their support in helping them reach their goal.

“Thank you, everyone. Because of you, we have reached our goal of making the Amber Fawn Wooton-Clark Memorial Scholarship a permanent endowment. But as a committee, our work won’t stop. Taking cue from Amber who worked tirelessly to make education accessible to everyone, we will be continuing our work to fundraise so that we will be able to increase the value of the scholarship, and in the near future, have the opportunity to give out more than just a single scholarship every year.”

According to Committee Member Bryan Dick, the first scholarship will be awarded in Spring 2021.

The Scholarship was created in honor of the late Amber Fawn Wooton-Clark by her fellow classmates of the Woodward High School Class of 1995. Wooton-Clark was shot and killed Dec. 11, 2018, leaving the library where she worked in California.

Wooton-Clark’s classmates described her as passionate individual who spent her life giving back to the communities she lived in and advocating for accessibility to education for everyone, and sees the scholarship as a way for Wooton-Clark to continue to give back.

“To everyone who donated, contributed, and helped get the word out about what we were trying to do, we could not have done this without you,” read the announcement. “We received roughly 100 donations in all sizes from all across the country, and it’s an amazing testament to Amber and how far reaching her loving and caring personality is.”

Each year a Woodward High School student will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship in Wooton-Clark’s name.

“And lastly, of course, thank you, Amber,” the announcement finished. “For living the way you did and inspiring us to take up your mantle to be advocates for education through this scholarship. Now with this permanent endowment in your name, future generations of Woodward High School students will know you, your passion for making the world a more inclusive place, and your unflinching dream of a brighter tomorrow.”

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