Annie is a pit bull and lab mix dog, seemingly very small for her breed.

Recently, a neighbor in Woodward County called WOOF Pet Rescue President Debbie Kinney saying Annie was laying in the driveway dying, having puppies, and the owner was trying to water her.

Found in labor, severely dehydrated and barely responsive, Kinney received permission from the owner to wrap Annie up in a towel and take her to Woodward Animal Hospital for treatment.

Veterinarian Michael Didier treated her, administering a jugular IV and performing an emergency cesarean section. Of the 10 premature puppies, only two lived for a short time.

"She's a pretty severe case," Didier explained. "She was pretty emaciated and dehydrated and then all of that complicated by labor. And she had some really bad wounds, really bad infection. So there was a whole lot of things going on."

Kelli Shaw bottle fed the two tiny puppies since Annie was too weak and still in critical condition. Unfortunately, they didn't make it.

“I talked to the owner. She was in denial,” WOOF Vice President Misty Hackley said. “She agreed and signed over Annie to the pet rescue... We just wanted to make sure the dog had a fighting chance to live.”

While vet bills began to mount, Hackley said WOOF was in no financial shape to be able to continue care of Annie.

“She was in critical, critical condition it was just horrible,” Hackley said. “In a community of animal lovers, anybody that needs help can reach out. There’s no excuse for it, there is always someone in the community that can help.”

Hackley called Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue Executive Director Krissy Mosbarger in Colorado.

“We’re just blessed she was able to take Annie. She’s in the best possible place, she’s got a great team supporting her,” Hackley said. “She’s such a sweet, sweet dog and deserves all the prayers and support she can get.”

In fact, several fundraisers have popped up on Facebook to help provide money for Annie's care.

According to Mosbarger, Pawsitive Restorations gets over 50 percent of their rescue dogs from the Woodward area, working closely with WOOF Pet Rescue and the Woodward Animal Shelter.

“We pull a lot of Oklahoma dogs and bring them to Colorado,” Mosbarger said. “The dogs that they can't adopt out. A lot of them they will send to us, and we'll have them vetted take care of them fix them up and find them good homes.”

After being transported to Colorado, Annie has undergone multiple medical procedures, trying to save her life including surgery and blood transfusion. Infection has riddled her body and she is still in critical condition, according to Mosbarger.

According to Kinney, WOOF Pet Rescue has been called to this particular residence before. Hoping to help the renter take proper care of the animals, they had even left some donated dog food with a neighbor.

According to Mosbarger, numerous reports have been called in to the Woodward Sheriffs Department by the landlord and neighbors.

“These people have all filed reports, numerous reports over a long period of time, and nothing has been done to stop this woman from owning animals or doing what she's doing,” Mosbarger said. “She seems to be a collector. She's not abusive from what we can tell. The animals do seem to love her, but there's just a severe neglect component to what's going on with the animals not being fed and neighbors dumping food over the fence.”

Didier said WOOF and their affiliates help animals in many ways, collecting donations for physically taking care of the animals, finding homes and transporting them.

“A lot of really good, good people who are involved, and many of which don't ever get any credit," Didier shared. "It's just amazing what they can accomplish and how many animals (they help).”

According to Woodward County Sheriff Kevin Mitchell his office has been investigating the situation and will be submitting report to the District Attorney’s office sometime this week for review.

To make a donation to help pay Annie’s vet bills, visit Also, to help WOOF Pet Rescue Society Inc. call (580) 303-7700 or visit them on Facebook.

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