By Jessica Bruha

Staff Writer

While Recovery Woodward isn’t meeting on a weekly basis now, the group organized in the aftermath of the April 15 tornado remains active and vigilant in their efforts to help people recover from the disaster.

"We realize the social media and internet world now does not require us to meet face to face and we can get things done a lot quicker," said Becky Pierson, vice chair of Recovery Woodward. "It's more efficient."

Pierson said 8 cases were closed last week and other cases are still being processed. Now they are searching for anyone else who may have needs.

The group recently sent out letters to everyone Recovery Woodward had on a list, compiling addresses obtained by the Red Cross and Catholic Charities. The letters were sent to everyone who suffered damage in the tornado.

Pierson said if someone has been affected by the tornado and did not receive a letter, contact the Red Cross or Recovery Woodward.

Those who received the letter need to respond even if they do not have any needs she said. The letter asked families if they have any needs that still need to be met, where they are at in their process of recovery and more.

The group is also looking ahead at needs that may need to be met in the future. Pierson said Recovery Woodward is in the process of putting together a back-to-school package for those who may need help starting a new school year.

"We're looking at more than just immediate needs," she said. "We're looking at things further off, things you'll be needing."

Winter has already crossed Pierson's mind. She said while many people might not be thinking about owning a winter coat in the heat of the summer, further down the road it may be a need that has to be met.

To contact Recovery Woodward email or call John Elam at 580-256-2678. To contact the local Red Cross call 580-256-3828.

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