Fire Activity

Tuesday, Dec. 28:

12:29 a.m.  Vehicle/pedestrian accident, 1st Street and Railroad tracks

11:36 a.m.  Special outside fire, 1600 block of E. 2nd St.

3:55 p.m.  Medical assist, 2900 block of Sheffield Lane

5:07 p.m.  Medical assist, 2400 block of Taylor Ave.

7:43 p.m.  Medical assist, 400 block of 18th St.

7:57 p.m.  Building fire, 1100 block of Kansas Ave.

Wednesday, Dec. 29:

12:10 p.m.  Medical assist, 1800 block of 15th St.

12:46 p.m.  Medical assist, 1100 block of Cherry Ave.

3:11 p.m.  Vehicle fire, N/S 197 and E/W 43

Police Calls

Friday, Dec. 24:

2:19 a.m.  Extra patrol requested, 1100 block of 40th St.

9:30 a.m.  Welfare check (on woman who told family that she was being beaten), 1100 block of Webster Ave.

11:17 a.m.  9-1-1 call (reckless driver speeding through area), Williams Avenue

12:22 p.m.  Injury accident, 2800 block of Concord Lane

1:14 p.m.  Vandalism (damage to residence), 1000 block of 28th St.

3:54 p.m.  9-1-1 call (man and woman fighting), E. Main Street

4:05 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating he’d been threatened), 1600 block of 7th St.

6:24 p.m.  Extra patrol requested (someone siphoning gas), Main Street

7:56 p.m.  9-1-1 call (child custody dispute), 3300 block of 22nd St.

11:21 p.m.  9-1-1 call (vehicle accident, car ran into light pole), 8th Street and Williams Avenue

11:49 p.m.  Animal call (dog chained up without food or water), 1000 block of 14th St.

Saturday, Dec. 25:

12:57 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller reporting woman harassing him), 1400 block of Downs Ave.

1:14 a.m.  Alarm (officers checked building), 800 block of 9th St.

1:36 a.m.  Disturbance (prisoners fighting), 1600 block of Main St.

8:44 a.m.  Vandalism (tires slashed on caller’s vehicle), 2400 block of Maple Ave.

9:10 a.m.  Vandalism, 23rd Street and Oklahoma Avenue

9:59 a.m.  Burglary (items taken from vehicle), 1700 block of E. Hanks Trail

10:08 a.m.  9-1-1 call (vandalism, tires slashed on vehicles), 2200 block of Maple Ave.

10:46 a.m.  Vandalism, 1400 block of 22nd St.

11:11 a.m.  Vandalism, 1600 block of 19th St.

4:01 p.m.  9-1-1 call (female and male subject fighting), 200 block of Webster Ave.

5:28 p.m.  9-1-1 call (burglary, items stolen from residence), 1700 block of 8th St.

9:04 p.m.  Welfare check (on woman who told relatives that boyfriend was beating her), 13th Street and Washington Ave.

9:18 p.m.  Suspicious activity (subjects trespassing and smoking on property), 600 block of Terrace Court

Sunday, Dec. 26:

3:14 a.m.  9-1-1 call (extra patrol requested because subjects messing with cars), 4900 block of Pleasant View

8:26 a.m.  9-1-1 call (intoxicated male subject barged into residence), 1700 block of 48th St.

11:14 a.m.  Larceny (guns stolen), 900 block of 1st St.

12:37 p.m.  Larceny (license plate stolen off vehicle), Elm Street and 1st Street

4:05 p.m.  9-1-1 call (subjects trying to take property from residence), 300 block of 18th St.

8:11 p.m.  Burglary in progress (male subject trying to break into business), 22nd Street and Main Street

9:14 p.m.  9-1-1 call (female subject destroying property), 2200 block of Santa Fe Ave.

Woodward County Court Records


Timothy David Pollard - Burglary-1st degree, Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, Public intoxication

William H. Traugott - Furnishing alcoholic beverage to person under 21 years


Kelly Brooke Saslow - Public intoxication

Matthew Isaac Fowler - Public intoxication

Mack David McKissick - Public intoxication

Luis Flores-Flores - DUI

James Ryan Holt Langley - DUI

Marvin Henry Taylor - Threatening to perform act of violence

David Lee Allan - DUI

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